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  1. I know you are.^_^ I'll try to find items with Hp and as passive with both stats rez.
  2. Hello, I want to start playing tank but i have a problem because i don't understand what stats do i need for each resistance lane. For example, for a magical rez lane i need items with Hp + Magic rez or Hp + Phy rez? Or on each lanes are minions who deals magical and pshysical dmg and you have to balance the stats like Hp + Physical + Magic ? http://postimg.org/image/qe5bxcwk3/ http://postimg.org/image/majl2ajej/
  3. because are to many leechers in this game, ... you will need to find a group to play with,find people who are playing ok ,add them and play togheter :)
  4. yeah,after last patch i get to many blue items to, only 3 or 4 mithical and 2 or 3 legend .. :(
  5. i would pay for cristals and tokens. IF there would be combo pack , idk for 5dollars ytou can get this ammount of tokens and cristals. I would buy that .
  6. Hello, I would like to know what do you have to do in game to get those cards. I mean for each card,what do you have to do. ?
  7. yeah..i've read those words to, but i see no trading cars so far :(
  8. Hello, I was wondering if this game will have cards or badges on steam like other games? Something like this ? http://postimg.org/image/6r9htfuzn/
  9. hello guyz, i'm looking for people to run some n4 eg/eginc http://steamcommunity.com/id/Makelino/ as someone said before ,all n4+ are allways free,rare you find someone playing on this difficulty :(
  10. It was a dark and stormy night when unexpectedly nobody appeared to notice Kentucky McObvious the Chicken riding Wendigo demon cars from Rorikstead saw a tree hanging down from otterdarkness, so he decided to dance on the edge
  11. yep, its sad that any kind of towers are prety useless in n4 best build possible its with traps ..
  12. it might be possible that you have made it without knowing it yestarday. It happends when you play till late /
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