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  1. Thank you very much for the reply, I was afraid they might go that route for fixing. I sort of liked working to upgrade them, but I did find some of the chatter on people being super upset about paying for the upgrades. Can't please everyone. Any idea which patch that came in?
  2. NM3 and NM4. For auras you want amped up (increases lightning auras) and of course as much defense damage and defense crit as you can get. Should easily hit over 4k defense power with iPWR 850 gear. One other thing of note: once you get out of campaign and start getting nightmare gear, you'll be getting enough defense power that it makes much more sense to grab attack rate spheres instead of the ones that grant defense power. And of course once you start boosting with frosties and upgrading in game...6 digits DPS is very achievable for traps and auras.
  3. Curse aura (creepers) is probably the best ability, IMO. Obviously the speed is nice. It gimps enemy damage significantly for nearby enemies, so you can tank anything just about. With serenity aura I can tank multiple ogres in NM4 easily on any toon. Hex is a weaker curse, but still useful for the same reasons. Encourage (gato) gives lots of mana. Currently trying to get that for a DPS toon and I think it'd be great for ability spam. I have dragon's breath (dragon) and haven't gotten to test it out much, but it shoots a small fire cloud in all directions. I think comboed with oiling str
  4. I'm a PS4 player. I couldn't find in patch notes so I thought I'd ask this question here since ya'll are several months ahead. Did we ever get XP added to end game modes in a patch at some point? If so, which patch? My main reason for asking is that I'd like to unlock some costume tiers without needing to grind super low level content on my 50s for a long time. Personally I'd like to have XP at end game for level 50s only as I'd prefer people aren't leveling their low level alts, but I'm interested if anything has happened here. Thanks!
  5. I still believe Trendy values PS4, but I also think the communication is hurting their image badly right now. Especially with how DD1 on PS3 went. I want to partially blame MS there, but I digress. Communication is currently EXTREMELY bad for the PS4. Each player who wants to know what is going on has to piece everything together from bits of streams to guess what is coming next, many from four months ago. Why isn't someone from Trendy doing that leg work once? It would remove a lot of the mystery, and I can tell you from chatting with many players that there is a ton of confusion. Wha
  6. Sorry, misread op apparently. Only meant that I heard you can use forge anywhere, not that you could swap to heroes not in your deck.
  7. You can do this on the pc, at least that's what I've been told. Can't wait until we get that, so annoying. Specifically, can hit a button to bring up the forge. Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, though.
  8. Only thing I know it's that they always drop mythic on ps4. If be upset if they were updated. The other creeper that is mythic is the Golden pixie bell.
  9. I'm not sure I quite understand the response above. It's already "early 2016". The platforms that it's already on need fixes badly before we hit yet another platform. At least that's my vote, for what it's worth.
  10. Can you play other games online with each other? Or is this limited to this game? I know certain regions on PSN are straight up sectioned off from ours, and that may be out of Trendy's hands.
  11. I quoted the op, but he had quoted you.
  12. Sounds like you just stated your own problem here. Lighting Strike Auras are pretty terrible in most situations, but ESPECIALLY so on a lane like that where there are huge hordes. They hit only one enemy. Regular lightning aura does only 1/3 damage, but that just means that you will do more damage if there are more than 3 enemies in the area. The only instance where LSA may be passable is when hitting a single boss, and even then I think it's very hard to justify over 2 traps, which are the same DU cost. I got this uber knowing it wasn't great, and I really want it to be, but it just isn'
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