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  1. I got on sometimes huge fps drop. My PC specs: CPU: Intel core i5-3450 3,1GHz GPU: Geforce GTX 960 RAM: 6GB DDR3 I was trying to overclock my GPU and still getting fos drops.
  2. yes i did verify and was somehow missing 2 files the game works now.
  3. yeah i unlock 2 boxes and didnt recive anything
  4. When i try to launch last map on free mode, my game crash i recive a fatal error.
  5. ok i kind of figure it out. Usually if something don't work we all disconnect and everything is back to normal.
  6. first in lobby i make a party then select to quickmatch??
  7. Hello i kind of don't know how party system is working. I know how to invite friends but party is then locked as private. I want to be public because we are not full team we are only 2 or 3. And it is alot harder to play without one player. Please reply!
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