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  1. i'd at least have the courtesy to tell you why i kicked you, unless i had a room title of some kind.
  2. it's butter, because you put butter on a roll when you eat it. hence, call him butter because he's on a roll.
  3. all they have now is 3 static settings, with no room for modification.
  4. welcome to dungeon defenders, where playing with more people adds more crap with little reward.
  5. move more. i don't get why people have trouble with them, because if you're constantly jumping, moving, and shooting (or swinging for some) they will never be more than a temporary annoyance.
  6. love how the other 3 players were pretty much useless
  7. What are you talking about? The Holiday Extravaganza is still free. And the other have cost money for a long time now. is that why there is a shiny GET button for me?
  8. 1)snip 1. squires aren't relegated to solely tower builds. cannonballs/harpoons are great tools for hitting multiple mobs, as cannons have inherit knockback and the harpoons can pierce. just because it's not a splash like fireball (which does reduced damage outside the epicenter), doesn't mean you should count it out. 2. ranged classes don't get a move speed buff, which can easily cover any deficiency in range. the range distance isn't that much bigger than a huge sword/hammer/whatever. 3. if a ninja wants to get in your mouth, he will. lets not forget spiders, if you're talking about ni
  9. best staves i've seen are those angel types. it's irrelevant what type you use since they all do the exact same thing and all cap at a measly 48 per upgrade. not even the holiday weapon is any different. somad that rangers shoot exploding snowballs :mage:
  10. halloween has far, far more units on the ground than in the air. there's only 1 wave that is wyvern heavy, and it's not a long round. squire/countess is best covering the center, as there are 5 mob streams that head in that direction. turkey map, yea you're pretty screwed. however, center (the biggest area) and the rooms have the turkeys up against a wall which is easily solved with a large weapon. also, ranged weapon range is severely reduced on that map. for christmas, enrage/call to arms is the best way to get back to the gift spawn or a tree under siege. everyone runs at the same slow
  11. you guys are missing the joke entirely. the head honcho (or one of his flunkies) stated that that picture was of the older huntress, you know the one that left at the beginning of the story? it was something about her being playable, hence the picture.
  12. call to arms is not rage... but even if you cannot use call to arms, can someone else buff you with it? (admittedly can't remember if the buff to others increase movespeed too) enrage buffs the squire's movespeed. it's the same thing as call to arms, only call to arms buffs damage of nearby members. i brought out my countess and my squire during 2 occasions, and neither buff increased run speed with a gift.
  13. rage doesn't work while carrying a gift, and everyone appears to be slowed to the same runspeed.
  14. so now the holiday events suddenly cost money? was nice of them to tell us that...
  15. Not true, beat this event with 3 other people last night. Strangers at that. The trick's to coordinate your deliveries. As soon as someone begins to sit at the tree to deliver a present, have the next person ready to grab a new present to deliver. Generally, it's easy to have the last deliverer sit at the tree and guard it while another person replaces them for the two-person delivery duty. Even though we had 4 presents destroyed on the last wave, we still squeeked by with 3 seconds left on the time. agreed. i joined randoms, put up slow/lightning auras (nothing too great, 250-300 in all,
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