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  1. I agree completely. The NM2+ portion of this community is definitely in my top 5 games with the most toxic communities. Every time I join, it's either someone is being condescending and rude because my walls/towers are weaker or they're getting angry and spiteful because my walls/towers are stronger. So far the worst ones I've come across are the ones who are rude and cuss at everyone right from the start. They'll call you names, give you attitude, and be pretty crappy in general and if you do anything besides kiss their ass they will set up defenses, wait for the round to start, and then sell all of their walls and towers and leave the game. I love this game but seriously, at least give us a mute button, Trendy.
  2. What is the name of the dark huntress outfit that I keep seeing people wearing? It includes a dark hood and I'm unable to find any info about it anywhere. Is it still obtainable?
  3. Long Form: Have you considered an inventory feature which allows players to sort by a desired skill? Individually hovering over 50 items after every game only to find that none of them have a specific/high enough skill seems very inefficient. Lightning: Can players expect a functional 'Add Friend' system soon? Lightning: Is there any hope of receiving a 'mute' feature?
  4. Thank for clarifying! I was watching the stream and Brad mentioned some group called R.P.G. which seemed to be something that one could sign up for. Could you elaborate for me?
  5. During the twitch stream they mentioned R.P.G. which is apparently some sort of players group that one could sign up for. They mentioned it but did not really offer any other info for it. Could someone please explain it to me? It sounds pretty cool.
  6. It's a bummer, but at the end of the day I let it slide because it's just a few bucks less and I initially saw my $25 contribution more of a donation with benefits rather than a purchase.
  7. This is one of those things where either way, the results are going to be pretty polarizing. I currently don't have the gear to get the reward but I'm still mostly happy with the way this event turned out. I prefer my challenges to remain a 'challenge', and I don't think it's wrong for one of the rewards to reflect on those who put in the time and effort into completing it. If there's anything I would change, it would be to: Adjust the iPWR recommendation because OP was spot on when he mentioned they are incredibly misleading.Implement an iPWR requirement on public matches. Challenges like this will be near impossible if level 30 characters are relying on being carried rather than leveling and gearing up.
  8. After playing so many games with under-geared people who expect to be carried, I'm down to partner up if you wanna play NM2. My gear's almost good enough for NM3.
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