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  1. I wish it had double jump :P
  2. As the Title says. I heard it was coming out this month but seeing how there hasn't been any news in the Digest about it. I doubt it'll be coming out any time soon.
  3. It just takes me to the lobby showing games? I've already verified the game.
  4. It's so over rated because? there's no way it can be over rated the game isn't even out yet? And I mean playing act 1 is the whole game obviously! <3 tho 3 is hugely overrated and i doubt it will be able to overshadow d2
  5. You realize that they would have to give more mana, otherwise it would be impossible which is clearly obvious :P. you do realize that it'll be harder to start at later waves and the wave you start on wont drop anything
  6. Well in a short sentence, You're not getting that chest piece back. Unless there's some new "RECOVER ITEM" option.
  7. Then gear would mean nothing. That's a very STUPID idea. You start from wave one so when you actually get trans gear it was HARD to get instead of being fed to you by a baby spoon. Then you could just farm trans gear all day long and it would become worthless eventually because of how many people will have that gear and it wont be worth anything. Having you start at the wave you finished is a VERY VERY bad idea, I don't know how trendy could even consider this. I don't want this in the game. The egg thing is the only thing I agree on, seeing how all of it disappears extremely quick. i spent
  8. How is it Trendys fault if you DC from a game? If you haven't noticed MANY companies have internet problems they just can't make them 100% 24/7 unless the game is a popular mmo and the servers are taken down once a week. So don't blame trendy for their servers going down. I'm not sure why they would even respond to this thread. Do you want them to say how sorry they are that their servers went down? And are you even sure it wasn't your internet. I'm not really sure what you want from Trendy? do you want them to give you free trans gear? get you back to the wave you were up to? Then I could say
  9. Having them despawn is ridiculous! Sometimes I like to play solo on survival so the chance of me actually finding and egg is really low then. Trendy needs to fix this so eggs don't despawn! It's starting to get really annoying! they are rare, plus they also despawn virtually instantly because their value are so low compared to the junk equipment on the map. This will be fixed in next patch.
  10. I've played survival insane to around level 20 on 2 maps and I haven't even encountered one Easter egg yet, not even a small one. Do they even exist?
  11. Yes, I do like Physical Beams. But the problem is that they're really not tanky enough compared to a spike wall. Spike wall also reflects damage back (to melee only I THINK) The physical Beam only taunts things but it really doesn't have the HP unless the wall is full length. And in the patch notes the Spike wall got its width increased and later patch notes buffing to this wall has been pretty high with health and such.
  12. Hey, thanks for the reminder. I was thinking about adding it but I wasn't sure if I should =D
  13. While we were doing NM my friend would run his apprentice and just build towers and the only thing that Series Ev was viable for was the Tower Buff Beams and the Reflection Beams and distracting enemies with Holographic Decoy. The other beams were not useful at all. And the only beams Series Ev makes that will actually get attacked is the Physical Beam and the Reflection Beam. Proton Beam, which isn't needed really. I would place this in front of a wall so the target would get zapped so it's constantly being damaged, but the apprentice towers deal more damage and + they're ranged. And someti
  14. WTB = Want to buy. WTS = Want to sell. Not really sure on what WTA means (: Hope this helped
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