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  1. Is it possible to change the equipped pet to a different one? if not i hope they let us do, Its very annoying when you need to change pet but only way is going back to the tavern =/
  2. I would proably say the huntress class best for dps.
  3. I feel like the Bearkira pet should be buffed, Hoping for it to be alot more powerful :l My kitty general does about 1000 Storm damage and my bearkira only does 100 Storm damage... As the pet being a monthly reward I really do think It should be buffed... 
  4. Apple juice ! Dungeon defenders 1 Or Dungeon Defenders 2
  5. This is a very good idea really do hope it gets added! +1
  6. I would really like to see this features in dungeon defenders 2!
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