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  1. correct. small addition: if your summoner uses a genie, the mana returned is based on the damage the other pet does.
  2. sorry im going Offtopic but I got a question. HOW DOES THE SUMMONER FLY!?! when I press and hold space nothing happens.. can you only do it in a map or can you do it in the tavern?
  3. There is also another trick people use. Take your armor all off, Aura Radius goes down. Build auras at max size. Put your armor all on, Aura Radius goes up. If I understand the process correctly, it supposedly lets you build auras around things you wouldn't normally be able to build them around, including spawn points. I've never really tried it though, seems kinda borderline cheating to me, but I'm not gonna make that call. That's actually different. What you describe doesn't give the same result. Your answer gives you the possibility to reach places you normally can't reacht. L
  4. Drizzit what is your build and stats? I'd like to know that build :P
  5. Above is correct. I personally use a seahorse, which puts out a nice sum of poison damage. Examples of DPS pets: -searhorse -monkey -griffon/serpent/dragon If you got low stats i'd recommend getting a serpent (magus quarters survival. survive wave 14 to get one)
  6. Just look for Shards Specific weps as they often spawn overcapped in stats (I have a squire wep with ~500 all stats and 300 or so upgrades) which weapons are shards specific and how do you get them? I've ran misty lots of types as a squire and never found a weapon with 500 in stats..
  7. NVIDIA GT540M for my laptop along with a 2.0GhZ i7 processor. Not a single lagg at all
  8. oh btw if you complete w14 alch labs survival with 4 active players you get 4 pets. Upgrade these a couple times to the max SPS and you can just do this map with 4 active players. Just put 1 player with a laserbot at every1 entrance and it should be no problem. Add the video strategy and it will be a piece of cake i guess. at least that is my planning.. currently looking for an alch labs build xD
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYHI6FzdMYI
  10. So.. I'm looking for a setup for NMHCMM alch labs, because I want to have 4 laser robots. (yep im saving all the pets, 4 times! :P) So basically I want to afk with 3 emulated controllers and 1 active player. I did this map a lot of times before djinn and sharken, so I'm looking for a djinn and sharken proof built :P all I found on the forums were insane or NM guides without EV. Stats: squire: 500/1550/750/800 (with 90/71/69/70 resists and about 500 in all the hero stats and a 333k DPS weapon in tavern) trapper: 950/1600/650/650 aura initiate:800/1200/1200/550 EV: 1200/1050/
  11. If a minion dies while on the beam, does the beam go down?
  12. You know you've been playing too much DD when you search for the secret room in your own living room
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