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  1. k thnx thats what i thought :D (where do we report btw?)
  2. um... i thought guardians cap at +5? Was i wrong or?...
  3. yea i can see servers from other countries. also a system like that would be plain stupid. +this forum search doesnt find ****.
  4. Im trying to host a game in hungary, and my friend in danemark cant see it in the server list... what is up? (others can join properly though, and his filters were reseted too.)
  5. i think the devs should make a progression list for themselves that shows what you need to do one after another to get the gear to complete everything. THEN make characters themselves and see if that list is valid. Because the way i see it, there's a huge gap between insane campaign+challenges, and the insane UMF maps+anything in nightmare. basicly you cant realy get the gear for UMF or nightmare because the gear needed by them is dropped on UMF or nightmare. (im not sure if survival will drop it but im not gona waste 3+ hours on one map that might fail just cause some1 disconnects and ca
  6. I noticed after messing with the udkengine.ini that seting DirectionalLightmaps=False gives the biggest FPS boost, but... That turns most of the flat surfaces in the game totaly black, making it hard to navigate on the maps. So my question is~ (to the devs and/or unreal engine gurus): is there any way to make those textures a bit brighter using the config files without turning directional lightmaps on? Or is there a way to make them brighter with an easy patch(like seting the default light level higher or something like that)? :x
  7. what's so hard in cross-platform... the games just need to use the same network protocol... that's it. =.=
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