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  1. Sheesh I totally second that, what a discussion. More on topic: This news made me doubt even more. I was almost planning on buying the inventory upgrade DLC on steam. I right now have 8 premium bags (and a pet-bag which i presume isnt taken into account). That gives me 8 x 32 = 256 space right now. Divided by 64 this will be exactly 4 new-style bags. If i buy the inventory DLC I will end up with 12 x 32 = 384 space, divided by 64 this will be 6 new-style bags. What I could also do is just buy 1 fresh 16-space bag. In this case, I will end up with 272 space, which is 4,25 new-style bags, whic
  2. Really liked the devstream too! On top of that, i was one of the lucky winners for the dryad + costume So happy!
  3. Very nice, I'm impressed by your summups and conclusion, and of course the amount of work you put in this. Thanks alot, very informative. Some people might make some other choices due to a matter of taste, but I feel like i agree with you on every point.
  4. Hi Ajaxx You probably know it already, but i still say it: if you have a DLC level selected in your tavern and your friend tries to join while not having that DLC he cannot enter your game. Second possible solution might be found in this post on the support forums. The top of the first post mentions something bout joining, but also further down the first posts there are some Q&A about this. Good luck man, I always hate it when there are connection issues with my friends when we try to play a game together. DD has luckily given us no problems at all.
  5. ...not every player is "decently outfitted", ... By decently i did not mean high end, but just mediocre godly items. I said that, because i somehow never found a nice piece of armor on insane summit. I DO get your point though, and wouldn't mind if they changed it to going back to the map. Even when that happens, I think there are much better/faster ways to get decent gear, but that's also a matter of opinion (which map you like etc.)
  6. ..., and i like to consider myself a smart individual. ... blegh ;-) I hope you don't make that consideration only on the basis of your succes in a game that isn't THAT hard once you get the hang of it? Although i have to admit, beating alch lab insane solo with only apprentice at that lvl is quite nice.
  7. So, maybe they should change the other two boss fights then? :P (Serious: Drops are marginal, every decently outfitted player would sell the items anyway, so I dont really get your point.)
  8. Because of a downloaded game, which is software, your brothers PS3 broke? I feel bad for your parents, raising such inept children. What raising? ;-)
  9. Proper lighting only works once you have 30M mana ;-)
  10. Not stating same thing again, i'm not stupid and i'm out of here, good luck.
  11. Ah true, my bad. Just got overfrustrated at all the negative people on these forums... Thanks for correcting me.
  12. Indeed, maps were free. It were the gender swaps that cost money, and I seem to be one of the few who like them...
  13. He paid and got what he hoped for: Fun. Too bad people like you want everything for free... What do you have to offer the people on Earth, for free...
  14. you seriously need to make TWO threads about that in a few minutes? Continu your other thread, maybe this time people WILL have some interest in it.
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