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  1. IceArrow, Can you tell when the linux version will be available on Steam? I can't connect to online games through gamespy so steam support would be great. I'm also waiting for the steam availability. Any news?
  2. DD you are the best!!!! :orc: I'm waiting for lg optimus 2X with tegra 2 for play this game at the best :ogre:
  3. Hi, I bought DD for android from the android market. Now i want buy one device tegra 2 based. I see that a month will release the Tegra zone. The Tegra Zone app allows you to discover the best enhanced games for your mobile device powered by an NVIDIA Tegra mobile processor. And you buy the app on the normal market of google. But why the price of DD is 14,99$? Why isn't 2,99$ or 4,99$? The price of DD for pc is 9,99$, and is very strange that DD for Tegra is 14,99$
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