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  1. Dude I totally remember your videos! I used your guide for farming exp on glitter for all of my characters. Actually I used your build on the xbox version before I switched to PC!
  2. I do remember reading about a female barbarian skin that they will be releasing soon. Idk what kind of skins they could give us for V-day except for Cupid, really. As far as presidents go, there are a ton of those. lol
  3. It's full 246 upgraded, so that may be. Thanks for the quick response. No problem
  4. not necessarily. Sometimes a weapon that has a large number of upgrades ends up that way because if an item rolls over the 2.1b mana limit, it usually defaults to, 1 mana.
  5. I saw this in the "stuff thats coming soon" page when you open ranked play. It said something about the "Etherian Festival of Love, Presidents day Surprise" or something along those lines. I was thinkin they probably have some Valentines day event in store for us. What kind of costumes do you think would come out of that? lol
  6. Yeah I knew that stuff guys, thanks for the info. I have got the achievement now.
  7. I remember reading somewhere that some items are spawning as godlies, but with stats that are mythical or exceed mythical. Specifically the ones from Mistymire campaign that drop when doing survival.
  8. I think this is a great idea. I have logged quite a few hours into DD myself, but I agree with you.
  9. Complete the map. Thankyou :)
  10. Can I get the "skin of your teeth" award, and then quit the map? or do I have to complete it for it to register?
  11. Overcharge helps on instanthealing, but adept speed is more for hit and run tactics. ill choose app for dps, and tower for adept. That is what I do. I have an APP dps in the works, and I have a geared tower adept. :D
  12. I like her over the Apprentice because of her increase in speed. Makes setting up a map a bit faster.
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