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  1. This was how they initially worked before trendy decided to make it another plain old tower. I dont believe it was ever exploited. It would spawn with 0 range, upgrading it would give its range back. but that might not be viable anymore with Vicious strikes around I exploited the *** out of it. I had like 10+ lavamancers lmao. (wasn't super useful at the time though) I even named them fissure1 fissure2 etc.. still have a few of them in my deck
  2. Nice post i agree with pretty much all of it. Although i will tell you that fissures are used a lot at the end game because of the range and stacking. Those are big benefits when you have to cram things into boost auras. So they probably don't need a buff.
  3. c8 is in stages. The first level only costs a c8 amp and 2 mil i think. After that its massive amounts of pristine clusters and motes + c8 amp + gold per level.
  4. I just made a vid on how i do my resets. Only at 13 now but hey if you need some insight there ya go. 
  5. its 2 mil per campaign - c7 item not including the cost of ingredients. The last step alone is over 600k lol.
  6. must be nice to have 8+ mil per reset lol.
  7. I would just reroll the map if you get a lane like that while resetting. Otherwise go with hard physical dmg like cannons. In my experience at floors past 40ish with reset 6/10 medallions the fire dmg gets reduced to much by spellbreaker even with the 2x dmg.
  8. I think omega waves are fine in general . You don't need max anything especially not at floor 69. Omega waves are different from the regular waves and require a different strategy and thought process. The problem really comes down to bugs and really bad boss combinations destroying an hour worth of work. I think if trendy managed to get the replay feature to work on lost temple it would be a big step towards reducing the grief.
  9. Don't they get 1 shot by anything ranged at your floor ?
  10. Just a little FYI though. I've been farming c2 for probably close to 80 hours and got 0 perfect ones. I did get several almost perfect ones. So you do still need RNG luck even if your in the right place
  11. where and how did you farm them? i spammed C7 expeditions for ever and all i got were endless 42,5% tenas C2 is the lowest chaos a tenacity mod will drop so it has the highest chance of dropping there.
  12. I got no weapon on 70 - 80 and 90. Before that i got a few but i know some skipped too.
  13. I have a question on that subject. Is that ancient dragon supposed to evolve and look different ? Mine is 60/60 the picture changed but the actual model looks the same.
  14. Please add split screen like in dd1 so i can have my own personal 99% xp boost without having to wait for the afk leeches to press g.
  15. I would like the AI fixed so it doesn't randomly attack flamethrowers or skeleton archers in other lanes etc. I have low expectations though, i asked for the same thing a few years ago.
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