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  1. how much are they!?!?
  2. is there a certain way to make them stronger?? like the more tower damage you have the stronger it make your stuff? or the more health it has? what is the way to go about this to make them really good?
  3. whats the best DPS pet for it? or just a good pet in general?
  4. would an insane pet rock be better than a "good" giraffe?
  5. okay is this thing like impossible to get? every time i go into a shop or something people always want a ridiculous amount of stuff for it..But i never see anyone in custom matches doing NMHC talay mining thing..so is this thing that hard to obtain!?!!?
  6. why am i not able to do nightmare + survival on any levels? why cant i do any of this?
  7. If i just wanna get all armour "plate" it doesnt matter if it has unlucky or anything in it right? as long as i have the helm,body,boots, and gloves and as they are "plate" armour, do i still get the set upgrade for it?
  8. i dont really know how to get good weps..i use summoner and series ev i need a good ranged weapon or staff fro my series
  9. It's called an mythical striker statS are 123 base damage 7 shots per second 325 in clip +14 reload speed 1/152 upgrades
  10. do they always drop random spiders? and stuff? and whats the difference with mix mode?
  11. thank you, damn im dumb lolol
  12. is there anyway we can change to the new outfits once we unlocked them? i unlocked the bounty hunter for series EV is there anyway i can change to it?
  13. okay so i switched from xbox 360 to pc today to play DD, and i need help..HOW DO I GET OUT OF THIS like glitch..like my sword for the cursor is like glitched into the circle thing how do i get out of this so that that sword is no long in my cursor? idk how to fix it..
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