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  1. It used to be that they poofed to make way for other loot, making it harder to verify wheter they are dropping. However after doing Misty for a while, it looks like it was ninja patched to remove all x-mas items. Anyone able to verify wheter this is true?
  2. I thought markets sprung up where it became possible to trade or "market" things to other players ... Supply and demand. There's a high demand for items to complete NM Survival modes, thus the market flourishes. It doesn't just flourish because its technically feasable. You can attack the supply, the sellers or you can balance the game to lessen the demand. Heh? Combination of the Steam Cloud for Open and the Trendy backend already do this. No it doesn't. The reason for the big influx of hacked items, is due item data being stored client side. People mod those items. MMO's etc. usually store this information serverside. This is why even small tinpot mmo's are infinitely more secure than DD. Really not sure how to respond to that without coming off as rude. Then don't. We've had a dev post here that his vision is that only 5% of the player base should be capable of completing the hardest content. Right now a significant portion of players are at the same progress level. Attempting to finish off the last waves of MM. These players needs to be engaged to keep interest. If all balancing is focused on denying them access to the remaining content, they are not engaged and will move on. Trendy needs to avoid big gaps like this in the progression of difficulty or alternative ways of providing replayability. It doesn't help that people require Misty level loot to complete Misty. That means they don't get anything out of replaying the previous content over and over. I'm amused by this, because from point 1 I thought you knew what I know about their infrastructure, but based on this, I'd say not. Most of the disconnect issues are Steam related anyway. I don't see how adding functionality like safepoints is incompatible with their infrastructure. Maybe it's not technically feasable but thats another story all together. There's a lot of different ways of dealing with this too, let me just pull an example out of the air: One map Alch NM HC Survival part 1. Need to get to wave 15, get rewarded a key. Key can be used to start the different map Alch NM HC Survival part 2 and gets consumed. Cumbersome? Yes, I am not a developer, feasable though. IE make ways to protect the players from connection issues. Since such a hefty time investment is required, the players are vulnerable to these issues.
  3. Yes, lets focus on what everyone else is doing, instead of whats affecting our own gameplay enjoyment. The reason there is a market in the first place is due to bad balancing issues, how about we focus on that instead of getting our knickers in a twist. 1. Invest the time and effort into creating a way of storing our characters and stuff serverside. 2. Balance for everyone, not just people wearing imaginary stuff. 3. I know Trendy has this elite dream of the game where less than 5% see all the content. That just doesnt work since almost every player progressed through the first part with relative ease, we're all stuck the same place, and you'll lose the remaining 95% if you persist. 4. Put in more functionality thats aimed at addressing disconnects, we're all sick and tired of it.
  4. just release a new tier set above Mythical that forces people to gear up. That way the game naturally grows out of the hacked era. JUST GET PROTECTION IN PLACE and move forward. I am not backing hackers in any way on this but Trendy is partly at falt for making it as easy as it is for hacking to happen in the first place. Without any protection in place coming in to say "WE WILL BAN NOW" fixes nothing at all. Wisest post in this thread, I agree 100%. This blatant hacking/witchhunt has done nothing but divide the community, and detract from whats the main purpose of the game, having a great time. I know it's easier to just ban random people to be seen doing something, rather than actually putting protections in place. But the protections is what this game NEEDS to stay healthy. What it doesn't need is an increase in difficulty level, while the hardcore players are being driven away from the derp of this community.
  5. Misty has a ****load of funky drops. The godly squire weapons with 300+ stats for one. Not going to post any SS's with the current witchunt going on, just a shame you have to hide your stuff in inventory to avoid people going ballistic.
  6. Completely agree with Orealis. There's a lot of mass hysteria and paranoia being spread on the forums. I know Finally just intends to help, but he's helping promoting it. Both by vague guidelines, that everyone thats played the endgame just have to shake their head at, but also by refusing to consolidate the hack threads. If you leave it up to the players to be a policeforce, we'll be a very inept one. Why is that a problem? Because the rampant hysteria creates a bad impression both on current and future players visiting this forum. Also because it detracts from players enjoyment, when you have legit players being accused of hacking by players clueless of what actually drops in the game. Most hackers are fortunately very lazy and easy to spot, they never run out of mana, their stuff all has high positive stats without negatives. (Some godly drops in misty has that too tho, those all have special models tho). Kudos to Finally for being very active on this forum, we do really appreciate it, but appreciation shouldn't get in the way of constructive cristisim :)
  7. Yeah, Trendy didn't really design the economy in this game very well. Hope they take our feedback and improve on it, they are a great team :)
  8. I had a squire sword drop with 251^and 485 in tower strength, the rest of the stats were negative/not as good :(
  9. Just to add I too have sold items what are just off living because people often like to name their own items and fully upgraded ones don’t sell as well. To be honest this mass hysteria is becoming quite comical. The whole community is turning against each other. Yes there are a few people with crazy stats so im happy when someone reports them. But this is now getting to the point where legitimate people are being accused by people following these so called guidelines on this forum. It ruins the game for legitimate players who happen to own very good item’s and are accused because of this and kicked from games or even abused in co-op games. So these so called poster`s providing so called ways to identify hacked items are just as much as an issue as cheaters them self’s. Simple solution if you don’t want hacked items don’t buy from shops, farm your own items. Don’t like hackers play solo or with friend’s people you trust. STOP reading all the Rubbish on these forums!! Lots of threads lately "someone is in my shop with lots of money they are laundering Hacked mana", sorry but if they can hack manna why do they need to buy items from you???? They can just as easily create their own items they don’t need to buy yours. It’s a cheap game made by an indie developer, you expect them to fix something big company’s cannot solve live with it, enjoy your own game and if someone cheats in your game kick them. Im not paid to do trendy’s work of policing the game for them and if users do unfortunately get a hacked item unbeknown to them and they are banned then trendy needs to lose its user base with good reason for failing to police and investigate its own issues. Would you get arrested for owning a fake Bank note just because you did not know it was fake? No. On my last note if it’s so obvious and I mean very very obvious then report it. But putting all your fellow players under a microscope for everything they own!! Your destroying your own community yourself! Hear hear, couldn't agree more. This forum is supposed to be a place where we can get together and help each other. Not having a bunch of people accusing each other all the time. I also find it somewhat amusing that Sheriff Finally is perfectly content having 23 threads about hacking within the first 4 pages, but locks the only thread asking the consolidate them into one thread. I'd say inept moderating and mass hysteria is why this forum is going quickly down the drain.
  10. Gotten a 90 up shroom recently, they were better than this?
  11. After reading this, I've suddenly developed an overwhelming sympathy towards these guys. They must have an epic derp tolerance.
  12. Due to the weird way items are populated in MM, it might actually be more worthwhile doing survival over mix mode.
  13. For some reason Misty is a lot more bugged than other instances when it comes to populate loot.
  14. Hopefully you'll link us the videos when they are done :)
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