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  1. And in reality the game is already dead check the playernumbers :P trendy need to do a 360 turn to get that.
  2. Yep... thats just sad and we will lose more and more player... the game cant rise with *** like this what fu**s up a newbee... let me guess 3 limited inventory bank update you just get 1 or 2 ? i saw a friend playing it and updated it saw the update hm sweet just saw that we HAVE to god damn BUY a with no cost anounced update and smashed ALT F4 WTF Trendy i respect your sustain on develop this game even in hard situations but you need to see what you drive against the wall... and thats around 70% you do
  3. Can you add the borderless windowed mode or increase the resolution to 3440x1440 would be awesome :)!"
  4. that would be a deal for a costume
  5. And again we must wait for this Patch, il stand since monday on my cap with medals got every quest ready and next day what is 2 days longer and today again waiting we get 3 times medals... this is nothing 3 times on quest would be nice but just for games is more as annoying what did you mean makes 3 times medals happy or did we deserve more.
  6. How to report player ?
  7. How to report players with screens??, thx for your answer :)
  8. Anyone Know wich time we will get the Tower skins from the collector's edition?
  9. My first impression hm a bit sad that the huntress trap radius and the so small is. I hope we will get tower range & tower rate back to the stats but actually it's awesome.
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