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  1. just ignore it, had it happen to me for several days but is okay now.
  2. there isnt an ETA when it will be free on ps4 but it isnt free yet
  3. I have just lost 5 level 50 characters all my gems and costumes all my uber and wyvern tokens I earned. all gone in second I went to join a game and it said I had to create a new hero because I didn't have one well I don't now this is really annoying
  4. Just lost 5 level 50 characters fully equipped with nightmare 4 gear my characters just dissapeared along with my gems and costumes everything gone in a instant please help me trendy
  5. Upgrading items is broken I always have left over points I I cannot apply to my item
  6. Pet reroll doesn't work when I press to take the new stat it just eats up my reroll item and doesn't give me the new stat I chose
  7. I was getting so excited has the download finished then I cannot connect to server oh well they'll probably fix it soon
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