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  1. I mean I'm playing quite a lot but I refuse to farm like crazy. I originally somehow thought DD would be a fun, semi-casual game you can just pick up and play. Now it more and more seems like the usual grind-fest, which is the reason I stopped playing fully-featured MMORPGs; too much non-fun time down the drain. Grinding is horribly boring. Unfortunately there's no way around it with those prices, the need to farm absurd amounts of mana (for upgrades) and items (to even get near most of the newer content). OR, don't buy gear from the shop. Uberfest Insane still drops better pets then can
  2. Welp the new armor tier renders the old stuff useless... fancy that another gear reset from trendy. Until patch .13b where they 'fix' the drop rates; inc tomorrow. ;)
  3. I for one enjoy actually needing to build my towers with self defense in mind. Seriously, they aren't any worse then Warriors in essence, just don't get webbed. Drop a aura/trap on a triangle of MM towers for you wyvern defense. Do the same thing near the boss spawn, except with a strength drain.
  4. Just general information, but all the old challenge rewards have been 'updated' in that they now have decent stats in nightmare. 59^ Goblin's charge was my last drop.
  5. Only the standard campaign, not the extra stuff... I made a few ingame screenshots, but steam is slow with giving me links... Edit: Nightmare summit: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198007956537/screenshot/595831141180888722?tab=public the shiny buttons: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198007956537/screenshot/595831141180887246/?tab=public Nightmare mode is part of the DLC, allegedly.
  6. They tune nightmare mode differently to make towers more worth while. Your dps is nerfed, HP buffed, and probably a few other tweaks.
  7. I downloaded the patch within 2 minutes, got to love university network. You can play the standard 13 levels for free on nightmare, the new challenges and quest part 1 are a DLC as it seems. Then that is an interesting bug. They specifically stated that nightmare mode requires purchasing the entire pack.
  8. Trolls be trolling. 1GB patch opened up a few mins ago, and they are already playing in a mode that isn't available yet?
  9. I realize every stat/ability has diminishing returns. However, some things like Hero Speed and Genie mana-returned have a hard upper limit on how strong they can be. Can anyone tell me if this applies to the Imp? Genie has no hard upper limit, not all stats use diminishing returns, and no, there is no hard cap to how much the imp can heal. However, it's single target, slow, and beaten by a level 20 engineer in nearly all cases.
  10. It's a crying shame that it may be, but a boon that I've already got test gear to update the values should the coefficients and formulas change. BOOMSHAKALAKA! To save you time/mana, I hope you use export to open. :)
  11. My mistake then, I don't use it, only time I've seen anything get really high is when I fully upgraded some of the super pets. I was under the impression the "fix" was in place. I stand corrected :) I dislike using cheats/exploits in any game just because it ruins my enjoyment. However, I also enjoy seeing how to break a system, and luckily I can test in export to open. That being said, more open conversation about exploits or bugs (while not providing steps to reproduce) actually speeds their patching process. Much like in the computer security sector, publicly exposing vulnerabilit
  12. this was fixed, but a lot of players will only trade due to the mana exploit that had happened, not as common these days as it was. It was not fixed.
  13. Thanks for replying, love the game. :) now I know you've given us the lay of the land but is there any chance you you could shed any light on the Barbarian? Will we be getting him? There is no barbarian... the barbarian is a lie. But seriously, unlikely, since the ES DLC will most likely not contain him.
  14. Check the forum, there are tons of builds for it. Basically, drop elec, strength drain, and heal aura in a mid spot. Drop fire trap on that, and spend all other DU on Elec auras + fire traps everywhere. Then stand in healing Aura and pewpew to wave 14.
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