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  1. So. I was proceeding to push my Floors to 60. Currently at 54 and in The Lost Temple, i got the "Game-Ogres" spawn thingy (with controlled burn). So far so good. I slap WM, FA and ES onto the lane. And well everything wen't smooth 'till wave 3/5 where the Bosses start spawning. And instead of coming out of the spawn like good boys. They decide to (idk i assume get stuck) teleport onto the MIDDLE OF THE ***ING LANE!! Where NONE of my defenses are. I switch to Barb trying to hold'em off but i think anyone is going to have a hard time fighting 4 Ogres at once that can kill you in like 3-4 hits. (Also Assassins *** off) Of course that doesnt work. The Ogres jaywalk they way to the crystal and smacking that B. While im busy NOT trying to destroy my keyboard in frustration and confusion to why in the *** that happened in the first place. 10/10 game development trendy. Also when can we expect the next patch? After the next 1-2 months-ish?
  2. I know that my gear gets resettet. And ungilded charts will also be resettet. But do i get the gold back? or is that just gone?
  3. Yo. Where is the bugfix at? i wan't to play Onslaught Solo but each new Floor others join me. Even when i put it on private the game says "f*ck u". I don't want to take part in social interactions.
  4. It just looks for a session, even when i wanna play solo. after a minute or 2 it says "Sorry, your request has timed out"
  5. Good Evening, I just recently came back to DD2, after a Year. And I must say that I'm shocked. In one Year only Two-ish Content Update have rolled around and are the new Icy Dudes and "Power of the Ancients" (I'm not counting the Heros, especially that Thicc Wizard Chick that is basically the same as our old Wizard Dude, just with a few Twists) which from what I've seen changed Onslaught a bit and now allows Us to reset our Mastery for some "Benefits". Removed the old Cosmetic Chests and replaced them with new Cosmetic Chests that drop in Onslaught after Floor Completion, but appearenlty only have a Dropchance of 2%. And a new Map that is so Huge that You need to be able to micromanage as They do in Starcraft 2. I know, I know the concept of an "Opinion" is new to so many People, but would'n You think that having a guaranteed Cosmetic Chest Drop after managing a Floor would be more rewarding and would keep Players longer occupied with the thought that the next Chest could be the One in which thoose sweet-sweet Wings are? (even tho they don't seem to fit on most Heros and just look plain old dumb and take up Screenspace too? In a Game where You can't change the Camera Distance (or atleast I haven't found that Option yet)) Also how about some actual Content? Like a new Gamemode? Where the Level is randomly generated? I don't know how that would work, but hey. I'm just sayin'. Or a new Storyline? We defeated that Starcrusher Evil Dude, but that's it. Maybe an Openworld? Where you can roam around and, if You remember Firefall, can complete Objectives that randomly spawn in the Enviroment while doing some other generic Fetch Quest. Also maybe a Performance Upgrade? Since I've been playing I was greeted multiple Times with 5 minute 10 FPS Family Bonanza and Splitsecond Freezy Icepop, by that I mean that the Game freezes for a splitsecond (and that on a constant Base, like 1 or 2 times each Minute) which have got me killed more then enough Times. Currenlty in the middle of a Jump? "Don't worry Dude I'm not gonna drop ya into the Deathpit >:)". I tried putting my Settings to the highest/lowest and it still happens. So I don't think there is an Issue with my PC, because I can run other Games without any Issues. It's only for DD2. And getting new Heroes is just a grindfest. "Farming" Daylies 'til You're Dead. And after like... *rough estimate* 2 weeks you got yourself a new Hero! Congratiolations! You Win! But wait. There are 8 more Heros to unlock. You can do that Champ! Have fun spending a Third of a Year getting all Heroes! Ok. Sarcasm aside, don't You think having to spend every waking Moment of Your Time for 2 weeks for a Hero is a bit too much? On like an ethical Level? If People wan't something make them work for it, but keep it fair and don't let them work their Asses of for a Hero that might be quite boring (Thicc Wizard Chic / Black Chic) The Ability to like move around the different Abilities in the Hotbar, becasue with Heroes like the Barbarian. I only use Lightning/ Heal Stance with the occasional Shout thrown in, but using a Keyboard with WASD controls reaching all the way to "6" is a Pain escpecially during Combat. You could call it "Individual Bindings". I know developing a Game is Hard and takes a lot of Time and Willpower, but I personally would've expected more. It just feels like less then 10 People are working on this Game right now. But oh well, I guess as long as the Money flows noone is gonna move an Inch. Just like with most Developers/Publishers theese Days. Bye Bye. P.S. seriously if someone can tell me how to increase the Camera Distance that would be nice.
  6. Good Evening, How do you get huge Range on the World Tree? (I know Deadly Strikes) I've seen players with World Tree range like double the size then deadly strikes. Thanks.
  7. Well youre obviously too late for that.
  8. I want Deadly Strikes. Which drops in C3. so Far, so Sh!t. i did about 50 runs in C3. which translates into about 100 C3 Shard Packs. Now. As you might have guessed. I dint got what i wanted. instead i got the same Shards over and over again for Heroes i dont even own (yet) like the Snake Lady, Dryad, EV2, Iniate (not gonna get that last one tho). Like what the Hell. So i thought (which is a rare occasion). And maybe it would be best to get the Option to CHOOSE what you want after you opened like 7 shard packs of each respective C... Tier. So to thoose that dint understood. Shard 1: Trash Shard 2: Trash Shard 3: could be Useful Shard 4: Trash Shard 5: I dont even own that Hero Shard 6: Trash Shard 7: O, goodie i can Choose what i wanted all along and why i even came here in the first place! Shard 8: Trash ... And so on. I know some Nerds are gonna say "ÖÖÖÖH, Balancing and Sh!t! That wont work ya F*ck" You know. The usual. Spare RNG Plagued and Casual Players for Gods sake. Some cant play 25 hours a Day and have *** to do! OR, an Alternative. That when you start a Run, you choose waht shard youre going for. and you get a 20% increased drop chance or whatever. Pls Like and Spread if you think its a good idea and the Devs should put it in ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) And Haters, please keep the Salt out of the Comments, aight?
  9. well that shard is then kinda useless aint it
  10. How high does the Consecutive Wins Bonus stack? i mean xp. you get like 200k per consecutive win. so wouldn that mean like 20mil on 100?
  11. Since RNG hates me and doesnt give me good gear in order to advance to c4. im looking for help for demons lair cause im looking for the bone glove.
  12. I put the Critical Strike shard onto my Fissure of Embermount and i have already +20% crit chance from ascension. so it should give me an additional 35% crit chance right? which it doesnt. When i look into the HUD from my Inventory it says its 45% but when i check the defense with "e" it says its 33% im confused here
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