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  1. As long as no one is forcing it upon you in order to continue playing the game to it's fullest (like certain games and dlc do), then I don't see the problem. I don't like smart cars, so you know what I do? I don't buy one.
  2. I almost always check them in each instance I go to. Never seen above 6, or around that before the numbers. That however has not stopped me from hoping that someday I'll see that 10 and it will be a tenacity. Probably the only way I'll get one.
  3. I agree that the newish scaling makes an onslaught push harder than it was before to reach a specific floor. However, 60 is not hard. And long is such an overstatement it's almost laughable. And giving away defender packs guaranteed, for a game that makes money from them, is asking a bit much.
  4. I could go along with sliders for loot sorting. The auto sell that you mentioned would really change things though. I collect and sell all my loot. While that is far from a stellar income every little bit helps. So no matter what they do, if there isn't an auto sell added with it then I will still collect and looooooooooooooooooooooook through every piece of loot to makes sure I don't need it. Well, almost every piece, I average about 5-10 pieces of green and/or white pieces per map that go into a separate bag and are sold en masse. And rerolling secondary stats should never be put in the game
  5. There are times when I would swear that Gorbstock doesn't even have an icon of any kind on the mini map. Numerous times my crystal would be getting hit and I would not be able to tell which one by looking at the mini map. Getting confused as to how a little goblin got through my defenses I would run towards the crystals only to have it get destroyed and see Gorbstock standing over it triumphantly in the ending animation. Granted 100% of those losses have been me being lazy, not checking schedules and preparing properly for boss lanes. But when a second boss spawns and covers up the first ones
  6. Allow inventory management during waves while disabling the equip item ability. However, that brings in its own set of problems for multiplayer. For solo play it would be amazing.
  7. So, just doing the onslaught floors is the best route. That's kind of what I thought after going through the chaos tiers the first time and loot upgrades taking forever. Thanks for the info. And for the rest........
  8. Okay, so I took the plunge and started AP resets. Only on number 2 working on number 3. I'm curious what everyone thinks the best way to grind them out is, aside from spending millions of gold and tons of mats upgrading gear. I don't mind the grind, and if that's what it takes then so be it. But if there are any suggestions to shorten it then I certainly wouldn't mind the advice. My minimum ascension is above 250, so at least I don't have that to worry about.
  9. So is it like the chest in forest biome? Or is it actually worth going after?
  10. I'm beginning to think people are just trolling the whole mastery not working thing.
  11. Adjusted the player list focus to more intuitively to player behavior. Not sure I understand that one. But a huge thanks for all the fixes. And do we report exploits on the bug site as well? I found one that I didn't see posted there but is relative to an exploit that was fixed shortly after the protean update.
  12. Lawlta posted in another thread that this isn't intentional and they're looking into it. So hopefully it gets fixed soon.
  13. Now when you fail a wave, the Performance Optimization System outlines what defenses fell or which ones may have been underperforming. You are able to evaluate what changes you need, make adjustments, and get back to overcoming the challenge before you. The above comes from the patch notes. Now while I am a huge fan of the replay from wave functionality, though it still needs some tweaking (not getting mana from sold defenses, certain defenses not respawning properly, etc.), I can't say that I'm entirely comfortable relying on a P.O.S. to get the job done. Dont get me wrong, a P.O.S. has it'
  14. You are right. I have 285 points in current bonuses. I didn't look there. As I said I haven't done a reset so wasn't thinking anything would be there.
  15. On the dev stream, relating to doing a reset before the update and after, it was stated that there should be no significant difference. I was working on my onslaught climb in order to get my minimum starting ascension to around 400. It would be my first reset. I beat floor 158 and had 1104 ascension last night. It put my starting ascension at 345, not much farther to go. Today after the update I log on and see what the no significant difference was going to be. I was prepared to be shocked. I was not expecting to be this shocked. My minimum starting ascension is now, drum roll please, 66! Yep!
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