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  1. I've seen this argument earlier in the thread but didn't really see a clean response to it:

    Is there something necessarily wrong with removing this limit and letting players play as they wish? I mean, if you want to keep playing with only 4 characters per game, sure - go ahead. But why should I be limited from using a Wall Squire/Storm DPS Squire/Blaze Balloon Huntress/PDT Huntress/Geyser Huntress/Lightning Aura Monk combo? That means I don't have to spend hours grinding for 4 perfect builders just to be able to farm NM4 solo; I can compensate with several niche, less powerful classes and, more importantly, have a lot of fun doing it. I can place Geysers and Lightning Auras on the lanes my SDPS squire will guard, and have fun whacking away at enemies and watch them get electrocuted. By the Hero Deck rules, I wouldn't be able to build any more towers - I'd have to get by with Walls, Geyser Traps, and Lightning Auras, and I can't possibly guard 4-5 lanes by myself. If the Hero Deck weren't there, I can also add Blaze Balloons or PDTs to the other lanes, watching enemies get drenched, shocked, set on fire, AND poisoned. That'd be entertaining. And if it doesn't work - be it ineffective or reaching the DU limit - I'll just find some other niche build to try out. 

    Bleh, that combo would be fun to try out but I'm having trouble articulating my points since it's like 1:30am >.> Ignore the above paragraph.

    BASICALLY,  in what regard would removing the Hero Deck ruin YOUR experience?

    Also, in the case that DD2 STARTED with no Hero Deck, would the player base have called for an imposed restriction of the number of characters you can bring to a game upon ALL players? In my opinion, the more likely possibility would be players trying out personal "challenge runs" - see how few characters you can complete a map in! Or something like that.

  2. Since I only have 4 slots, I'd like to know what I should be training up. I have a DPS/Traptress (not sure which one I'm going to settle for yet), Frosty Apprentice, and am currently training up a Hearty Blockade Squire. I'm not sure what I should get for the fourth slot: Aura Monk or another Huntress.

  3. Okay, so I just started the game and I wanted to try to complete the monthly (yeah, I know, probably impossible within 5 days but I'll try it anyway). I have a level 31 Huntress with a fairly strong MIRV legendary bow, and for the current Incursion level I can hold a lane by myself on Wave 1 and hold the lane with flame towers from Waves 2-5 (stun + oil into flame towers + piercing shot if necessary, on top of all of the MIRV AoE). Since I saw that most games, the Wyverns kind of screwed us, I decided that I'd focus more on taking down Wyverns and AoEing enemies in between waves with the MIRV, standing on top of spawn since I could get a clear shot on every enemy coming from the front of the map.

    Now, I fully understand that, as a level 31 newbie pairing with levels 40-50 characters, I'm "leeching" - I help with support structures (DPS huntress), nor can I wipe an entire wave within seconds (though I usually can kill them before they reach the barricades). 

    However, if you're going to voice your opinions and then kick me, then at least kick me BEFORE I sink 15-20 minutes' worth of my precious time in between college apps and homework! One of the hosts for a game I just played waited until I helped for 2 waves before kicking me. (You can see that items were auto-collected twice == two waves)


    Maybe implement a system where if a player has contributed X% of the total player damage or tower damage, they can't be insta-kicked? Or something like that?

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