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  1. Can't we just have custom rooms that dictate how many characters you can use? If you want 4, then restrict all players to use 4. If you don't want to join such a room, then join one with no restrictions on character limit.
  2. I've seen this argument earlier in the thread but didn't really see a clean response to it: Is there something necessarily wrong with removing this limit and letting players play as they wish? I mean, if you want to keep playing with only 4 characters per game, sure - go ahead. But why should I be limited from using a Wall Squire/Storm DPS Squire/Blaze Balloon Huntress/PDT Huntress/Geyser Huntress/Lightning Aura Monk combo? That means I don't have to spend hours grinding for 4 perfect builders just to be able to farm NM4 solo; I can compensate with several niche, less powerful classes and, mor
  3. Since I only have 4 slots, I'd like to know what I should be training up. I have a DPS/Traptress (not sure which one I'm going to settle for yet), Frosty Apprentice, and am currently training up a Hearty Blockade Squire. I'm not sure what I should get for the fourth slot: Aura Monk or another Huntress.
  4. Okay, so I just started the game and I wanted to try to complete the monthly (yeah, I know, probably impossible within 5 days but I'll try it anyway). I have a level 31 Huntress with a fairly strong MIRV legendary bow, and for the current Incursion level I can hold a lane by myself on Wave 1 and hold the lane with flame towers from Waves 2-5 (stun + oil into flame towers + piercing shot if necessary, on top of all of the MIRV AoE). Since I saw that most games, the Wyverns kind of screwed us, I decided that I'd focus more on taking down Wyverns and AoEing enemies in between waves with the MIRV,
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