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  1. Before I start talking, I would like to state that I am a ps4 user and know we are a bit behind, but I do appreciate all the hard work Trendy Team has been doing. With that being said, here is a list of 3 things I think would be cool to add and some ideas I have: 1. Can we do something where we get a monthly mission, where we talk to pet stable, blacksmith, or relic guy, and they give us a monthly mission, upon completion they will reward us with a choosing. For example: For the stable pets- they would give us tokens and money, BUT give us a golden egg of either dragon, creeper, or gato (with pets that are guaranteed either gonna be mythic or above), blacksmith-same thing, but with weapons and gears, and those gears/weapons actually have useful stats and abilities, and relic guy- same as above with him offering good stats and them abilities as well 2. How about a month where every week or weekend where each will either have, better item drop rates, double exp., golden pets, more money, wyvern tokens, or whatever be offered just that week/weekend and switch off? (It be a lot of work to do for ps4 and Steam but maybe every other 3-5 weeks works too.(As long as we get the same stuff as Steam people do.)) 3.This is out of topic, but I just have to say it, I been reading the comments and I understand you that you (Trendy) needs to make money, but I would appreciate it if we could get better deals for GEMS. I would like to buy all my characters costumes, but the price of costumes and the deal on GEMS are expensive, we are basically looking at $5-10 for one costume per character, and could the exp for the costumes pieces be cut like 1/3 or 1/4 of exp grinding or something, I mean we already bought the costume, why make us grind for 6+ hours just to get the customization we need. Adding on to this, can we make the extra costume pieces like 10 G or 15G, heck I will be happy if it goes to 20G. 25G is a lot and Money Grinding for that piece is a pain. I know I sound like those people who get lazy grinding, but I will have you know I played for 12+ straight hour just to get that Giraffe on that Treadmill with 4 people alone split screen!! If you can just reduce everything just by a tad bit, that would be great!!
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