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  1. Last time I play was 2017 June. Back then I had full gear for every hero at around 750 ipower each. Can someone give me a quick run down of the major changes and how I should proceed to get back in it?
  2. can you give me a quick run down on what most n4 players have for pdt, walls, sa and this frost beam. Like i remember before walls were 380k sa. What is the dps needed for pdt?
  3. I use to be able to solo all the maps but I cant figure out the new meta now and the newer maps. It seems like the round is endless dunno how to finish it. I currently own all the heroes up to gunwitch any help is welcome.
  4. wtf inspiration sword plus 500 def power????? No ***ing way. I had 14 of them and none is over 315
  5. Then that's a problem with the way you see things. I reiterate: it is only natural for people to let the one with the best gear to build. Even when that person doesn't ask for mana, it is assumed that he will be building whatever he has the best of. If he thinks a build of his isn't the strongest there is, then it is up to him to communicate that out. You are right, the game is so easy that you don't 'need' super optimal builds to win, but it is just human nature to want to have the super optimal build out for there to be as minimal a risk for failure as possible. Nah this is just like a gu
  6. I am the definition of hardcore player. Now come at me
  7. first Tuesday of the new month
  8. lol tell that to the free medals and gold every time i roll electrocution. It gets instantly completed when I go on my monk. So congratulation you completely made a fool of yourself. For people confused on how this is pay to win. Imagine if they announced buy this costume and have 3 out of the possible 18 daily quest auto completed instantly.
  9. Step 1 Roll Electrocution quest. Step 2 Go to your monk with lighting costume Step 3 enjoy free quest finish gold and medals ;p
  10. lol you do not get 600k per horde. Plus with the green mana preventing gold from dropping the further into onslaught you go the less gold you get.
  11. Step one Equip Draco shield Step two Go to upgrade lady Step three Reset draco shield stats and then add the stats again or upgrade draco shield add stats Enjoy Purple Boss Glow Profit
  12. ??? All he did was build with AL and then removed it from hero deck and only equipped apprentice so he only gets apprentice items. You cannot see anything before he removed AL from hero deck thus you never got the data of his AL.
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