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  1. When switching characters in Nightmare you are often left with next to no health from the switch. It would be awesome if you could hotfix this. <3 Tene
  2. #2 Just because you may be a casual gamer doesnt mean you cant get to "end game" or obtain "super Loot"....it will just take you longer....and frankly who cares, its not a race....just have fun playing a great game, and eventually you will get there. Actually the point that people were making is that you cannot do this as a casual because the 'endgame' requires solid blocks of time larger than most casuals have available. <3
  3. To answer your question: Some of the monk swords are bugged. 2.5 Swing speed and the combo is 1x 1x 1x. Almost any other monk weapon will do better.
  4. ....... until you get solid gears on your own in mix modes/survivals etc..... Which by definition are impossible for casuals since they do not have the solid block of time to do a 4+ hour continuous run. It has nothing to do with difficulty, IMO. I would consider my gaming group casual, and we love challenging things. Just none of us can put in more than 3 hours in a solid block. We're looking forward to nightmare difficulty (Yes, casuals can be skilled :) and want hard things). So yeah, if TE makes the new loot require skill, fine. If it requires time invested grinding, fine. If it requires 4+ hours of continuous play, NOT fine. <3 Tene
  5. :/ I'm sure someone can, but lets not show how to do it? And worse of all if you, don't create another mana glitch scenario? It might seem like it's good in the beginning but it's just creating future problems.... Remember, with great power.... :-P That's why I haven't posted a step by step, however, several people already have in the forums well in advance of me making this thread :(.
  6. At the risk of sounding grumpy. IF you say it cannot be done, you are wrong. Here are my tests: Test2 (Monday) Started at 1.12e, rolled back to 1.12, was able to play, patched back to 1.12e was able to play. (Ranked in all cases) Test1 (Weekend) Started two copies of ddef. Played on one, kept the other at menu as patch prevention. Crashed. Started another 2nd client, still not forced to patch......
  7. Yeah, atm I'm refusing to play on that patch, it just gets really annoying seeing more and more stuff come onto the market from the old patches. Same with people demanding stats/gear from those patches for their games. The worst part in my eyes is that you can UMF in 7.12/b then sell/upgrade in 7.12e etc.
  8. Sorry, I hate bumping, but I really would like to know what the policy is on this. I keep seeing more and more 7.12b loot hitting the market......
  9. This is not true.. you cannot make a backup of your files and switch between versions. Even if you set things to do not keep this game up to date. It still will.. lol If you overwrite your new files with a backup the game will simply not load (and then you have to verify the integrity of your game files) during which it will force update the game to the newest version, Sorry, but it does work, steam only verifies at certain points.
  10. Now that TNET is back up, it looks like my characters/mana have been rolled back by a bit (12-24 hrs). This hit anyone else?
  11. As per the title. I didn't put this in suggestions because it's also a question, if it needs moved, please feel free to do so. In short, the current patch deployment system leaves a lot to be desired. A. Patches are not mandatory B. Ranked play never checks your current version. (If it checked version when creating a new game/starting a level this would fix A as well.) C. (Minor) There is no error message for version mismatches when trying to join a game. That was the suggestion part. Now the second: I'm normally a very friendly levelheaded individual, however, I've had it up to here with certain members of the community. There are still people playing/farming on old patches who are selling their loot to people playing on the current patch. There are people claiming that logging on during or saving a bugged/boosted patch to play on makes them deserving of the loot from the bugs/overhigh drop rates. So what are the rules? I occasionally play from work, so when I went in today, I now have a 7.12 client. I tested, and yes, I can use this client to log into ranked. So, what do do? I mean, I'm halfway tempted to just make it into a patch and share it, or just flood the market with cheap UMF uberloot just to spite the special people who think that not patching makes them special little snowflakes. But seriously, is this something you are looking at? Something you plan to fix? Or just something that can/will be abused for the foreseeable future. Some quotes from the original 7.10, more can easily be found for 7.12b You mad I got the one of the best drops in the game and you can't? Yeah you mad. I have a game open, come into it and I'll let you gawk at my items. Those of us that EARNED our gear yesterday, the hard way, deserve to be at the top of the totem pole. You should have played with the rest of us. I put in 6 hours yesterday and earned my 49 ups VW and my Super-loot godly gear sets. Hello 300 in two to three stats, nice to see you. ..... Also your gear is fine, just be happy with what you have. And btw, there are instructions even on this ddef forum about how to save and rollback patches :/
  12. Honestly, do whatever you want :) As far as the campaign goes, as long as any dpsers dps, builders build and repair, and hybrids do whatever, you will complete the level. Min/maxxing only even becomes slightly necessary for A. Soloing certain insanes/challenges and B. Spook insane, UMF insane etc.
  13. Steam is having issues with the big thanksgiving sale. Items have no price/have a price randomly and appear and go poof randomly.
  14. Any suggestions of a decent melee weapon I could go for? Kind of felt elemental would be fun, either works. Have a decent insane survival weapon with like 2.7k base damage, not bad, doing like 120k or so dps with boost and like 80k without I think. Running hybridish, with attack, aura str, a little duration I think, and a little aura rate. Also, anyone know stats on perfect geier and stuff? If you want a melee weap, just run insane surv, looking for a 50+ upgrade lightsaber. Geir has been outclassed by the new superloot, the best I've seen from 7.10 though was a 53^ 153 base damage one.
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