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  1. [Removed links] This guy did not play with the team and stole mana and did not use it we really need a kick system for ppl like this :/
  2. thats all i have to say ps summoner is live ofc he is noone would buy him if he wasent :) it's all about money
  3. So I made a post that had this title and it got moved to off-topic ( a dead place noone goes to ) and it was a really popular post and it was about Dungeon defenders. so Im gonna link it here and maybe a GM can move the post back to where it belongs? http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?60639-Diablo-3-vs.-Dungeon-Defenders
  4. The 2 and 3 are practically right next to each other on the keyboard. Oh would you look at that... they are... ***** plis not on my keyboard
  5. was this not 35%? or am I wrong. or did you just nerf it ? * Nightmare-difficulty Wave completion XP globally increased by 25%
  6. This. Not to mention D3 is very meh. I found nothing about it impressive or engaging. Tried every beta patch since I got access in Nov. hoping they'd make it less boring...nope. Haha ppl like you are funny :) you relize the beta is only 1/4 of act 1 out of 4 acts :)? and the first part of act one is the shortest part of the game and took 1 hour ! so ye your post in invalid.
  7. Why isn't play both an option? I was gonna do that but allready clicked subbmit post when I notised it only had 2 options :)
  8. I played diablo 1 and 2. I am a bit pessimistic but I don't think Diablo 3 is going to be better enough to really keep me playing. It will be an okay game, but it's just Diablo with a few new characters and a slight variation on the "Kill Diablo" gameplay. supported arena system, PvP death match :) nuff said
  9. so wondering how many are acualy gonna go over to diablo 3 when it comes out compared to how many are gonna stay here and play Dungeon defenders. personaly Im going to Diablo 3. and might look back here when part 4 comes out just to do the boss and then nothing more.
  10. People shouldn't run from difficulty. Difficult isn't impossible. if they want easy, they have Insane difficulty to use. and A if you cannot roll the boss with 3k stats. I have no clue what you're doing. Strafe = 100% safty. If you get hit, jump in the portal to heal, jump back in and strafe around till your pet kills it. to me thats as basic as it gets. its false Difficulty... making a boss one shot you does not give it difficulty on the other hand giving the boss new skills on NM then from insane is.. learn the diffrence like Diablo 3 is gonna do it :)
  11. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?58141-GUIDE-How-to-kill-the-big-fish people have been successful as of late. If you have enough HP to survive 1 hit and have a DPS pet you can solo it. drain + healing aura make it rather simple. says the guy with over 3000 stats.. this game should not be focused around 3000+ geared players.. no offence but rather the mid casual players as its the biggest part of the comunaty ( around 1000-2000 stats )
  12. Will I just killed him with 4 players 3 monkes 2 with monkeys one with a seahourse and a barb with a genie And it was easy then give us a pic of all your stats and the guys that helped you :) btw I want this to be more soloable frendly :) thats all
  13. so this post has now over 3 pages and ppl have diffrent oppinion so I wanna see what the ppl on the forums think should be done. Im making this post purly to make a graf and hope to see many votes :) here's the post Im refuring to : http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?59721-Release-the-Kraken!!-nerf..-P total yes: 73 total no: 40
  14. so I think many ppl are w8ing for this patch to come up. so more then 0.2% (according to steam) can acualy beat the boss :) Poll : http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?59931-Re-Release-the-Kraken!-nerf
  15. * Remote-Crystal-Activation (Default 'G' key) now works on MonsterFests and any maps without a Crystal to advance past the Build Phase only took you a year to put this out :D now it will go 8 min faster yay :D
  16. posting some screens would help so much :) gave this post 5 stars as it work even tho the fire towers are not buffed xD GJ
  17. dont sems like the fire towers are buffbeamed :/ unleess Im doing something wrong
  18. so I just found a Humongous egg to day :) guess its not over. yet.
  19. Made DEW's and other low-frequency enemies appear on early-Campaign Survivals as they used to NOOOOOOOOOO I was acualy not getting one shoted :( I have 81% resisi in NM
  20. so I have not seen any after this patch and been playing all day on NMHC :/ guess it has a 0.000001% drop chance or its just buged. can anyone confirm that the items do drop on any map now?
  21. and to my suprice I only need 12 mill XP to level up again :S bug diffrence from the 20 mill I jsut farmed from level 79 to 80 :)
  22. I haven't seen any of them myself, even after running two whole survivals since the patch. Not even bad ones of godly quality or below. Not one. Maybe we have to win halloween again after the patch? allready have done them both after patch :(
  23. * Added Halloween and Battle Royale loot drops to general drops (can drop on any mission), once you've beaten Halloween and Battle Royale respectively (on any difficulty) can anyone confirm this? have not seen them drop my self :/
  24. Look like trendy fail again-sharks and DLC fail.. When diablo3 come out, DD will die oh how true that is..
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