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  1. Maybe u could do it like this then; 1person its 8sec 2persons its 10sec 3persons its 12sec 4persons its 14sec I believe that's the point, you should avoid dying at any cost if you have to be alive to kill / repair, so basically the 10 seconds are a punishment, so I don't agree with decreasing it
  2. Totally agree that's why i just made that tier system real fast :P Yeah, that sounds good! 10 second death timer when you're playing solo is really tough, especially at Nightmare and higher maps
  3. Or maybe u could make it with a kind of a tier system like this: Special currency (forgot the name) Tiers Cost Tier1: 1-3 150k Tier2: 3-6 250k Tier3: 6-10 500k Tier4: 10-15 750k Tier5: 15-20 1000k
  4. Sounds like a great idea but maybe making it so if ur: 1person its 4sec 2persons its 6sec 3persons its 8sec 4persons its 10sec
  5. maybe make a pet suppy/food bag ? + the stacking would be great!
  6. With gear are u then thinking like PVP gear in games like world of warcraft ? so u get like pvp bonuses and such like 2% chance to spawn a rand mob on the enemy teams spawner ?
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