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  1. few guys already mentioned the touchpad and I'd like to reinforce their opinion. PS4 exists for 2 years by now and the touchpad is always just a silly big button... it would be so awesome if DD2 could use swipe commands or at least left and right site of the pad seperately... for example: picking up the loot by swiping, open inventory by touching a side...
  2. simple question to the developer-team. The wipe with the "wipeageddon" will be okay, but loosing everything all few months would be demotivated... thanks for feedback
  3. really love that idea. would be pretty innovative too. I dont know even one game which uses swipe comands! other points: - re-buy function in inventory (if you sold accidently) - overview inventory: (more/better?) highlighted equipted item, more/better highlighted item quality - faster loading of item features - box for items to safe (e.g. 20 slots, for more you can pay...) - item sets to collect, equip and get a bonus - more heros - maybe level for abilities to push/train - stats after a game but no MVP or at least no bonus for the MVP (would become a mess and no great teamwork anymore - .... For a pre-alpha it's already a nice game. Awaiting every patch, fix, etc.
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