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  1. Guys... Shouldnt HAVE! Besides that i really love the idea of tiers. And we really need a gold dump otherwise inflation is gonna hit this game hard.
  2. Oh yes. a 4 attack speed bow with 9 arrows per volley shouldnt have the same dps as a 1 shot a second 1 arrow bow
  3. Maps: Ichiorochi: I like new maps and I hear these have secrets to discover, so I am looking forward to these. Nobsi: I can comment on them when I see them. for now im happy we get new maps. Event: Ichiorochi: I wonder what will drop and what the boss will be like. Nobsi: im happy i now have something to do with my time other than leveling, ill do everything i can as quick as i can. Trading Cards: Ichiorochi: I wonder what they look like and what we can get out of collecting all the cards.... but still a lot of cards for a collection, and you can double that for the foil cards. Nobs
  4. 100K is a bit cheap. i have that after 10 maps. make it 250k for another daily mission
  5. I agree on everything but the price of them. keys should still be rather expensive and not farmable
  6. Just get a version of windows running on your macs?
  7. I would also really like to see this. i currently have 2 bags just for pet stuff. i f pet food was stackable i would only have to take 1 bag for that
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