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  1. Sounds intressting im game for this! :)
  2. Got kicked 2 days ago by an elitist pig while doing survival on skycity, basically i joined with monk dps as usual, host tells all 3 players that joined to brings out mana farming pets, we did that, upped most of the towers, then he kicks us. This was around wave 20... this is sad, really.. This^^ Way to comon to even bother joining either sky city or aquanos, upping everything to max from the start only to get slapped in the face with a kick 1 or 2 waves before 20.. Just sad how evil and selfish people can be over the internet.. //Math
  3. So been doing the KG nm, hc, mm me and my mate ran on plates from 2 waves aka total of 14 waves into the game up until wave 20 didnt get it once. Used to get it every single time in the 3-4th wave before 5 without problem, (Before this patch) so did they remove it or lowered the chans to a really insane small chance after this patch? //Math
  4. Gotten it every single run iv done both before and pre fix of this map. Usually just smack up the deffence to max DU's then jump on the buttons, takes perhaps 1 of 2 waves, such a comfort saving alot of boring time to up stuff. :P
  5. Last run had 10 ogres top and 10 bot knocking on my doors was forced to use summoner in order to keep things up at around 18 i mean 20 ogres on wave 20 seriously? :P Ran NM, HC, MM
  6. yeah been grinding endless surv hc, mm mode on alot of maps never seen it, and i badly want to get it as a collecter i am. so needz some tipz from people whos gotten it and on what maps, to see if there's it has a higher chans to drop from the info gathered here. :) //Math
  7. Been searching over and over on diffrent places even checked the wiki for anny specific drop zones cant find annnything about it. So here i am asking where did people get this awesome mask from map wize? Are there anny maps that have a tiny itzy bit higher chans to drop this acc? //Math
  8. Seemed like my filter settings was bugged had both insane and nightmare confirmed tried refreshing the filter settings and it worked. And from what iv read its really sad indeed people have that kind of experience and attitude in such a fun game like this one.
  9. So came back to DD 1 month ago picked up where i left, and im as far as running nightmare, hc, mm surivial runs now. But its a bit boring to run them alone as i allways been a co-op person, been contstantly checking the public games for people who run them aswell. But iv noticed over the past week/week's there's just hard maps running zero insane/nightmare runs going on.. Is the player base that really that low, or people just prefer to do them alone, to avoid leechers afker's and so on..? Since iv noticed a few of theese my self while opening to public. Well now to the point im currently looking for a few players to run some maps with, preferably nightmare stuff. So if you got the gear for it and want to do some co-op just throw a message here with your char and steam id. //Math
  10. Currently running a squire monk build my self, failing hard since the DU's was lowered. Thought something was wrong as i couldnt afford the things i used to build. Would be nice to bring that the Deffence units have been lowered aswell in the patch notes, since it took me some time and searching here before i i got it confirmed... Squire + dps/aura specced monk. Good gear on the monk im dipsing with fully enchanted gear and and all.. And still failing for some reason im feeling its the damn kamikaze troops thats wrecking the base not the other mobs. Just have a feeling the dmg on them is bugged or something? Some tips would be Appriciated... Dont got a Mage and want to figgure a build out with one. :P
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