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  1. Do u think in deus ex they'll set a weapon called Dungeon Defenders Goblin? NO! What? On the off chance this is not a joke, Deus Ex Machina is a theatrical term that translates to "God From the Machine".
  2. Given the religious aspect and the fact that the staff looks mechanic I would suggest Deus Ex Machina.
  3. I know about the whole 1 suggestion per thread but I think it's probably better this way. You probably have noticed that many defenses have no build are not supported by any builds so I would like to propose a few changes. Squire : Hearty Blockade : Extend its effects to Training DummiesHearty Blades (weapon passive) : X% of Defense Health as Defense Power bonus to Training DummiesSpeedy Spin (relic passive) : Attack Speed bonus to to Training Dummies App : Mighty Barrier: X% of Defense Power as Defense Health bonus to Arcane Barrier OR Spell Barrier: X% of Ability Power as Defens
  4. I've not played it a lot but I Have found Liferoot Onslaught NM4 to be very easy in comparison to other maps and game modes. Horde enemies have very little HP and a good Sere + Hapoon + Flamebursts completely crushed them. That map seems to drop some 650 iPwr items early on so that should help you.
  5. Which takes quite a bit of time. I should have clarified. I usually bring 4 builders because I simply have to.
  6. But then DH HH HB items might no longer be the rarest items in the entire game and wallers might no longer want to bang their heads against the wall after looking for decent gear.
  7. It's not always "leeching". What if I want to help a friend get geared up? What if I have perfectly good builders in my deck but it turns out I end up playing with someone who has better?
  8. I'd ask that it not apply to special weapons like Purge Evil staves, Frostfire, Impaling Cutter, Phoenix phantom, spooky weapons, etc.
  9. woah woah i asked you a question not a excuse to be an ass lol, I use to post a lot of dungeon defender build online to help out for those who needed them cause sometimes sharing is caring XD. I'm guessing your new :P Not trying to be a *** but in this type of game people need to come up with their own ideas.
  10. I think I just did right there. What do you want. A complete explanation on how to place every tower on every map? Figure it out, this is a strategy game, not a Dance Dance Revolution competition.
  11. Other builds also work. Period. "Other build 404 not found", for some people can you point us in the right direction? link zi sauce baws. Won NM4 Greystone without a single trap and a single frost. With walls, boosts, serenity, flamebursts, cannonballs, harpoons. Won NM4 Inc just with walls, harpoons, flamebursts, boosts and Sere.
  12. A bit spoiled with the notion of Community Feedback I see. You can't take for granted that everyone should act upon your own opinions. It won't be any different than it is now. It will still be 10%of the players come ready to play and 90% come ready to "zomg do you even lift bro" DPS. It just makes it more enjoyable for those that find out they have to do all the work. If I could I'd kick them, but you can't keep them when they're the 3 out of 4 in the group. Given the number of times where I've been the only builders I can't help but imagine that most matches end when they realize that
  13. I've gone down that road. If you want to know how this ends it's simple. You get insulted up until the point where they decide that you're flaming. You have the "You have no idea what you're talking about", the "But I don't want to have to be NM4 ready to play NM4" and blah and blah. In the end you're just arguing with the same people who complain that they can't complete MMO raids solo.
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