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  1. Ok, I've been having rubberbanding issues all weekend where there were none before. I've tried a lot of different fixes, resting router, uninstalling and reinstalling the game, set launch options to ultra high, disabling steam overlay, verifying integrity of game files, a couple of other things. The only thing that changed was that the rubberbanding was gone after about 23.00 at night (guess the server wasn't that busy because of a free weekend). What seems to have worked was to disable the Large Send Offload V2( IPv6) in the network adaptors. Why that seems to have worked, I have no idea but there you have it. Can anyone explain why the hell that was causing issues, thanks
  2. well i found a temporary solution for this. What i do is exit all external internet connections (google chrome in my case) and enter a private tavern after i have cache verified. this allows me to enter the private tavern without any problems. To get into the carnival town i then have to enter any map and exit it back to the private tavern. after this i'm able to enter the town for some reason. I know it's convoluted, but it is the only way to enter the carnival town without it having a black screen or not loading any terrain.
  3. Update: I did the re-install and nothing changed. also my graphics card is up-to-date a, GeForce GTX560 Ti. I now its a couple of years old but didn't have problems with it before. If it helps any i still use windows 7 operating system. I already send a bug report yesterday
  4. Yeah i already made a post about this. here is a screencap about it
  5. I did the Steam cache integrity verify, it always says that 1 file is not verified. It's only a temporary fix, it allows me to enter the carnival but after i leave it for any reason (usually to play the map) it will go back to the black screen.
  6. Well since the update today i've problems loading the tavern and town. I get a black screen or the world won't properly load, as you can see in the screenshot i took.
  7. Ok, i have been playing this game almost solely solo for almost 4 months now, and I love it still. I have been doing NM4 for 3,5 months. While I rarely finish the map, I usually reach wave 5-6 on a good number of the NM4 maps. This is AFTER the mobs damage buff that happend with the Harbringer patch. I have tried a number of different builds since then and have found out that while towers are still underpowered, it isn't as bad as you would think. The only problem I have had with tower damage is that there not many options for physical AoE damage towers, and those options are either highly situational (Ballista, in a straight line) or just way too weak in comparisons to their magical damage equivalent ( Explosive Trap vs. Chaos Trap / Heavy Cannonball vs. Flameburst ). The damage of the AoE splash is either to weak or to small, this causes my defense to become overwhelmed after about wave 4 on the 'uber' elemental resistance lanes. Before the patch I could compensate for this with smart tower placements or the frostfire / trap methode. but that isn't really an option anymore. By the time the traps/ towers would have been upgraded enough to deal with the goblins they have either squished into a nook or cranny were the traps can't reach them and they blast the walls down. or alternatively when you use towers the AoE splash damage doesn't hit them, they (somehow) passed the barricade, or the Physical AoE is simply way to weak to stop them from bursting down my fully upgrade +600k hp barricades at around wave 6 and 7. These are also the lanes that you simply can't go and repair, because you are dealing with a different lane(s), that is uber or have a boss. (Note here: this problem is only arises on the elemental resistance lanes, there are like 10+ different options to deal with the other resistance lanes.) I see only 5 real options to deal with this problem in the current (solo) game. You reduce the number of goblins that come out of those lanesYou reduce the damage that those mobs do back to what it was pre-Harbringer PatchFix the pathting of the mobsBuff the splash damage of the Explosive trap (about 10 to 20% should do, that way is is about the same as the Chaos Trap), and the Heavy Cannonball (I have no idea how much, but currently is does not do much AoE Splash damage). The Ballista works fine but they cost WAY to much to be viable to use for that reason.Seriously buff the AoE range that the splash damage effects by about 50%. Currently it only effects them when they are clomp together, but they are usually fanned out around the barricade which causes the splash damage to not hit them all or at all.
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