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  1. I just started Lavamancer some days ago and cant find any actual guide. This hero seems pretty weak to me. Can you link any good not outdated guide?
  2. Asking me this too. Holding down Alt shows the max rolls, is this a indicator for the absolute max?
  3. Can anyone explain pls what Tenacity is especially? What effects does it have on wich defenses and what is the strong part of it?
  4. No solution for this? Realmoneypet just gone?
  5. Usually this bugs go away from alone but its 3 days meanwhile. I cant equip my Dragolich anymore. When i pull it into the slot it disaperears and end up at the scavenger. I took it back from the scavenger around 15 times in the last 3 days. Every other pet works, just not the Dragolich. I tryed every possible way to put it into the slot, different bugs but nothing woks. Is there any solution?
  6. You are allready in the seesion specified, searching for session, connection timeout,.... everything around my internet and my pc works. Not a single game makes any problems, i have 6MB up and 120 download and a 12ping in speedtest. I cant leave games. Whenever i press the return to tavern or town button i load into the next map after waiting 90 sec, then it takes up to 5 attemps to leave and sometimes it ends with a crash and ctrl, alt, del. Actually i cant join anything, i reinstalled, runned regcleaners, deaktivated kaspersky. What is the point to fix this?
  7. I have searching for session everytime i leave a game or wanna go into a town. It works always around the 3-5 attempt, sometimes never. Everything around joining lobbys, groups, start games and even the login at start make me problems. My mates have the same probs but much less than me. Is there any way to fix or improve the overall networkfeatures of the game? Is it the servers, firewall, antivirus, portforwarding, whitelist,...?
  8. This means in 10 days the game get a rework? Got some problems. I cant leave the afterlobby and have to wait 80 seconds all the time. After a login all my items from the first page invetory are gone, i need about 5 attemps to start game from main menu.
  9. I think i was afk about 2 years in this game and it changed pretty massive. Can you tell recommend me any "how to get started" in this stage? Got some heros Power 928 around chars. Is my equipment still viable?
  10. US Gouverment is family buisness, dont be afraid, Hitlery gets Pres.
  11. Thx guys, this really gives me exactly what i searched with my question! (cant really believe this epicness of just 3 answers)
  12. I left the game before the starwars update comes, now everything is new. New heros, new town. As i left there was nothing playable than traptress. What is the actual meta to go with the 4 basic chars? Dont wanna waste time and work into useless skillbuilds. Anything happend to cannons? Lobby talked about poisondarttowers are now good. What stats are the deal there? Think about starting over again, give the game another try in our group. What is there more to know? Some new spheres? gamemodes?
  13. I am gone, my mates are gone, 80 of my steamfriends are gone. When i look ingame, i still see traps only and massive amounts of useless content. Nope, that thread is not wrong, i can proof it. Dont know how much this is in general numbers but its exactly what i feel. Just the actual state, i read this forum from time to time and will read patchlogs, maybe they fix the game but the actual state is broken. Trap Defenders 2!
  14. We played this game as 3 mates. All of us quitted, no one cares about the new patch at all.
  15. toggle := 0 F1::toggle := !toggle if(toggle) { SetTimer, g_spam, 10 } else { SetTimer, g_Spam, Off } returng_Spam: send g sleep, 3000 return That s autohotkey script, pressing G every 3 sec. F1 to toggle on/off. To remove the onslaught reward window too add this line between "returng_spam" and "send g". For 1920x1080 solution screens. Click 1255, 130
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