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  1. Thanks for the answer! Now care to say why? I don't know anything about why and would like to know why. All I know is I spent hundreds of dollars supporting this game as a baby on PC, have posted about account transfers twice (and haven't gotten a response) and know of other games like Warfare doing account transfers. So I want to know why account transfers arnt a thing. Now that I quoted someone who can hopefully help, please do.
  2. Add the ability to transfer PC accounts over to PS4 or XBox. Simple as that, i'd like to think the couple hundred dollars I put into supporting the game when it was a baby on PC ment something to the devs. I loved the game and still to this day do but I dont enjoy being on my PC like I use to. Most of my friends are on console so thats where id like to be playing the game. I want all my limited skins, pets, hero decks and bags. It can definitely be done so please do it. If a dev could actually respond or something that'd be great, I know the help section says console transfers arnt a thing but that doesnt mean they shouldnt be. Thanks.
  3. So I was just wondering if there is or will be any way to transfer my PC account over to PS4. I quit playing PC awhile ago because all my friends played on PS4 and I've been waiting forever for this game to be F2P on PS4. I spent hundred of dollars and grinded so many of those pet events and would love to have all that time and money transferred over to PS4. Not sure if theres another thread addressing this, I didn't see one so I just decided to post here, any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Edit: Just went through the help section (top right) and it says that PC data can't be transferred over to PS4. A way to do this has to be added, I spent hundreds of dollars and put at least 600 hours into DD2 on PC. If Warframe could do it I don't see why DD2 can't do it. Please, please add a way to transfer data, I would love all my limited gear, pets, skins, bags and all the other things I paid money for. (Like my 8 table flipper skins, still pissed about that BTW)
  4. I rolled a 699 iPWR item on my 717 squire, so i don't know why you got a lower value. was it close? I think he may be 699 before my items were enchanted(upgraded with fusing). My first item was a 550 ipwr bow, I joined as my ipwr 720ish traptress and opened it as my ipwr 715ish dps hunt. (so either way it should have been 700+) My second item was a blaster for my mage which was ipwr 660 I think? anyways the mage I was using when I opened it was in the low 700's for its ipwr.
  5. I wouldn't like to be yelled at either.
  6. The secret is to not win, if you don't win then you will never have to worry about this glitch. (I take tips)
  7. You didnt know? The maps got a nerf aswell.
  8. I got a crap item both times, both with a lower ipwr then my lowest char.
  9. you can always just count to 10 then hit your monitor, works for me
  10. banned for not being a seasoned defender
  11. Im putting mine twords another Table Flipper :)
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