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  1. Im finding it difficult to find the right gear on the right mode etc..is anyone able to tell me or point me in the right direction as to what maps drop what gear with specific passives (currently chasing apprentice gear with frosty power??) Currently gearing out 1 of every toon atm and its a very long process when u dont know what ur doing lol... Cheers in advance
  2. For me it seems that boost blockade isnt working at all..and i dont believe serenity aura is slowing enemies either...has anyone else come across this or is it a known issue..i only ask because i finally got the serenity aura slow medallion lastnight with 83% slow on it and i dont think the enemies were showed at all 😢
  3. So atm my monk boost aura isnt increasing the health on blockades...and i also dont believe serenity aura is slowing enemies inside it either...anyone else having such problems?
  4. Hey fellow defenders anyone able to shed some light into which map and game type is best to drop the monk medallion with both serenity and boost aura did liferoot forest onslaught lastnight on nm4 up to lvl 35 and no medallion drop
  5. Hey fellow DD2 players due to not being able to join anyone outside your specific reigion iv created this ps4 community so fellow asia pacific players can connect and play with each other and progress through DD2. Please feel free to join and discuss strats, power lvl ,grind gear etc.. or drop your name in the comments below and ill add you as soon as i can 😆
  6. Who does this community serve..i.e australia usa europe etc..due not being able to play with anyone outside your current region kinda makes it hard to add good dd2 players 😢
  7. Hoping this is the right place to start this thread what me and hopefully many other people are looking for are friends that play DD2 on ps4 alot so my addy is Crezzie23 im 28 i have a mic and headset and plenty of time to grind away at dd2 pre alpha and onwards if anyones keen post your addys lets grind together.. iv also started a ps4 community called "Dungeon Defenders 2 End Game Australia" where we can all help each other progress as DD2 players.
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