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  1. I got a hacked one prior to the latest patch... http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198050844215/screenshot/613844102322896348 By hacked I mean ones of its legs was hacked off and it had a negative stat!
  2. This has become an issue for me on mixed mode survival where orcs have phased through a spike cade and destroyed my crystal! Probably the proxy mine didn't help but it does need looking at!
  3. Nice one Vicious ...seems to work very well with plenty of du left over! :D And I far more enjoy your tutorials since you offer a decent explanation as to why you built it like you did! Having a screen shot explains very little about the reasoning...
  4. Having finally made it to the end of 25 waves of survival I can honestly say a save game feature would be a very wise addition! Well the problem is I'm tried over 30 times to complete it and upto now I have suffered from dc's during the game, usually around wave 20! Its a colossal fail to have the game drop connection at that stage having invested numerous hours of time to get there. If anything its a test of endurance and hoping the connection will stay stable whist you play, I get the endurance part but why do we have to succumb to having a hiccup in our internet connection! Its more
  5. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?27406-Prepareing-to-launch Check this topic for a solution!
  6. Problem solved! Here's what i did: go into "offline mode" (steam -> go offline) and then when it starts again, do the same thing except (steam -> go online). Game should start after that. Hope it helps! OMG it worked! Thanks for that :D Just a pity I have to go to bed now... :/ :skeleton:
  7. yeah some of the hard challenge loot is far more desirable than insane challenge stuff...
  8. I already suggested this but was told * Sorry No!" so I assume it ain't ever gonna happen! :D
  9. Monks should be able to resize their aura using the mousewheel... Failing that they should be allowed to overlap their auras but get no benefit for the overlapping parts, the overlap should just be treated as a single aura
  10. I was fortunate and got a dc on the 15th wave, the first time I attempted survival... and I have never gone back since. Taken to new heights of tedium, in the end I was grateful it was over. I for one will never be returning to this god awful game mode ever again! Guess I just rough it on campaign missions...
  11. Indeed do the right thing trendy and listen to these ppl... don't victimize the ppl who weren't online during the holy hour yesterday because they had a life! Its the majority we speak for here, not the minority :D
  12. not sure about the weapons...depends what you are using! With regards to getting drops for your tower builders you need to either make a decent weapon for them to kill with ( ele ideally since it does the most damage) or make a dps character of the same class!
  13. Its that final wave that's the killer...all those buffed up mini ogres heading to your crystal to pound it into the ground! Always gets me, maybe a trio of dps'ers may be the way forward!
  14. Yeah I think they should too... even though I have a few they aren't that great and its better to balance them across the game. Seems a little odd they didn't since they did it to VW's easily enough...sure there was an outcry but its not like there were any imbalanced ones hanging around the system! This way theres massively imbalanced elemental weapons hanging around they will no doubt make the game alot easier for those that have them!
  15. I'm middle aged and living in the uk. Self-employed web developer with alot of free time. Started playing DD on day 1 and have been religiously playing ever since! As great as the game is it gets boring very fast when you solo, which is why I'm looking for a like-minded group to have fun with. My game hours exceed 300...and I have 8 lvl 70 characters, 4 dps and 4 tower builders. I'm very easy going and have been gaming for several decades. My id is in my sig :D
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