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  1. Please put in a ticket with our Community Support team. They will be able to get all your items restored via a rollback, which means if you've made any progress after the rollback date, you will lose it. I put in a ticket on 7/17/18. In the meantime I understand I'll lose any progress so I'm not playing. How long should I expect the restore to take? Thanks.
  2. I did some master and got a hyper shard. Then took some time off. Now I login to the Protean Shift and all my gear, shards, pets, all gone. Not great, but my hyper shard is gone. But I've already gone past that mastery point. So I can never get that hyper shard back, right?
  3. None of these steps works for me, even once. This was not an issue until the Bastille update.
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