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  1. Alright, so I posted in the suggestions forum about an idea I had to implement a sort of "test server." The basic idea of this is that Trendy would either create a new "Test" option along with Open and Ranked that would be available during patching. By during patching I mean between when patch 7.XX is released and when the final sub-patch is released. This would avoid the issue regarding people getting really good items from an update and then having those drops unobtainable with the next update. The 7.XXa,b,c,etc. patches wouldn't even go to Ranked (or Open if the "Test" server is created
  2. There was a thread with detailed information on the differences, but it was deleted. The basic overview of the differences from what I understand/remember: Males have 1/3 more health, females more 1/3 faster. Squire - Circular Slice, does an AoE knockback and damage around you - Bloodrage, increased damage resistance, damage, movespeed, and attack speed, lasts until deactivated Countess - Call to Arms, like Bloodrage, except AoE and has higher mana upkeep, lasts until deactivated (may have less increase to stats, I'm not sure) - Joust
  3. I made a post in the suggestions forum for an idea I got from reading your post. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?31262-Two-Ideas-Upgrades-Reparis-and-Implementing-Patches&p=234477[[927,hashtags]]
  4. First Suggestion This suggestion upgrades and repairs. This suggestion is simpler, more important, and should be implemented as soon as possible. Function When upgrading/repairing, it automatically targets a nearby defense. I don't know how it decides which one to target now, but that's not important. What is important is that it doesn't target the lowest upgrade/lowest % health. That needs to happen. It used to happen, but for some reason stopped. I don't know if this was intentional or not, but it needs to be changed back. Whenever I'm upgrading Auras and Traps, I get some that I just
  5. Also, their size is VERY important. If you get a 55ups little piece of crap sword you're bummed out, it could have been 3x as long if the game were a little bit more nice to you. Size only matters on squire and melee monk weapons, somehow that shouldnt be. Maybe all squire weapons should come the same size, or no matter what their graphic is their base range is the same, or maybe make squire weapons upgradeable in size! I've looked through a large amount of high level items for each class and I agree completely that no matter how amazing the stats are on a small weapon, it will be useles
  6. Laser Robot is great for this level. Can easily one shot multiple turkeys through a wall, relatively easy to get too. A Crystal Tracker type gun also works amazingly. If you upgrade it a decent amount, you can one shot turkeys from even the very edge of your AoE. Also, keep your map up a lot so you can see where the highest concentration of turkeys is, it saves a lot of time.
  7. yet again though New rage purchasers did not get the preorder dlc. Nor did I have to pay more to get new content that they recieved for a lesser price. I don't see the issue with that sale. Rage had also been out for a little longer and had a bumpy start with the texture popping bugs and all. First, you're ignoring half my argument. Second, id and Bethesda have way more experience than Trendy. Third, the new purchasers of Dungeon Defenders aren't getting the preorder DLC either. Fourth, they're getting the guide for a smaller price; had I bought the guide when I bought the game, I would
  8. 6. Referencing the avatar as if that had some form of invalidation. White knighting and legitimate objections to an argument are two different things. I can differentiate. I just typically wont go "HEY THIS GUY IS A WHITE KNIGHT" because its gonna stir up drama. Ambiguity like the patch notes is key. Almost every example you give me will have a much larger time frame in which the Marketing price drop has happened. I worked As a Gamestop Manager for 4 years, I had to change most of the prices on failed launches pretty quickly. Most companies also try to avoid penalizing their custo
  9. Well, I suppose that fixes that, thank you. Everyone else just disregard my first post.
  10. This is a pretty simple suggestion and I feel like the title explains it well enough.
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