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  1. When I first put the shield down it loses loads of hp??
  2. I'm currently building a DPS ev, but I don't know whether I'm wasting my time? Is she better as a builder?
  3. Placing the reflect beam over a section of the princes ship on harbinger makes it like, glitch out. It's only in this position: You can see the textures glitched out in the back. The position of where to put the beams for them to glitch is shown^, however if you don't put a node on the 'hatch' part of the ship then it doesn't glitch.
  4. Fastest way to level pet affection without the boosters?
  5. I have Stay at Bay and panic fire sphere, not sure what is best for others though. A more experienced player might be able to tell you more
  6. Explosive arrows can be on the tome, however I don't think the archer passive can be on the tome. Medallion can have both explosive arrows and archer passive I believe, so yeah just some stuff about the passives you can get
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