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  1. Interesting idea. Let us know how it goes. If you can provide some more info on when you want to attempt this I might be able to join.
  2. Posting in a Ghost thread. Got my Rainbow Frog here to celebrate.
  3. Been playing on medium. So far my apprentice is level 40 and has about 50% fire res, but still only 130 hp. I can clear summit no problem, but the boss is pretty hard. You could probably move onto Hard/Insane. If you wanted; it would help with slightly better gear and way more experience. If I remember correctly, Deeper is pretty easy to do on insane with low stats. I think I did it at around level 40 previously.
  4. Add me and check the group in my signature. I have been inactive as of late due to moving but I should be active again soon.
  5. There seems to be some confusion here so let me give the exact info in one post. All experience from a map is shared between all active characters. Not split, shared. If the map grants 1 million experience every single active character receives 1 million experience. Score is based off of experience that your hero earns through slaying enemies. Thus a character that slays no enemies will not get points equivalent to the experience they earned added to their score. They will get the end of wave amount plus the multipliers.
  6. I would suggest getting higher stats for your monks(auras are great and dps/boosting helps a ton) and grabbing a traptress if you are having issues with sharks/djinns/too much in a lane at once.
  7. thanks for the fast answer im not really into trading, and i guess it will cost a huge number of whatever to get one. and i dont have much Yeah, they are most likely hugely pricey if you could even find someone offering a set(or part of the set). Sucks for those of us that missed it.
  8. is it still possible to get those? i really like the captain isom. Unfortunately no. Event items only. You could trade for them.
  9. Why Necro a thread more than 6 months old? Try starting a new thread; that will probably get you better responses.
  10. [QUOTE]We'll be performing routine maintenance on some of the Steam servers today, Wednesday October 24, 2012 around 16:00 PDT (GMT-0700). Chat, game lobbies, and the community web site will be affected for the duration of this maintenance. Some content downloads may be briefly interrupted. Game play should generally not be interrupted but may be impacted for some multi-player titles. Subscribe to the 'Steam Downtime Announcements' thread for latest updates: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=784745&goto=newpost[/QUOTE] From Steam's Facebook page. Don't have a
  11. The stickied thread above is a good place to start.
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