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  1. I get this or searching for session failure on 100% of matches when going from one game to the next. Whether I try to queue up for another game or go to the tavern, it always fails and disconnects.
  2. Thanks, I did file a bug report as well, in between two of the tickets, probably a couple weeks ago. I also found reference to this issue in the forums from 2015 in which it had been addressed, but in my case it started specifically when the Chaos endgame update was launched and none of the solutions in that thread worked for me.
  3. Sorry to bump this but it has been almost a month and 3 tickets with no response. I have tried disabling firewall, AV software, opening ports (all of which are unsafe to do on a long-term basis), changing server from US to Euro. Nothing works. Unless I am replaying the same map (and not in the trials), I have a 100% failure rate when going directly from one game to the next, meaning if I am with a group doing trials or anything other than spamming the same map over and over again, not only do I get booted, but they (or whoever I wind up with) get screwed as I often find in the log that I h
  4. Sorry to keep posting about this but It has been happening nonstop ever since the major update a couple weeks ago, I've sent in two tickets and still heard no solution and gotten no reply to the tickets. When trying to log into a tavern, town, match, or move to another match or go back after a match is done, I get a message "searching for session" for a while, then it lags out. Sometimes I get error 0000 or too many match requests. Looking up this issue it seems it has been common in the past, but I've already tried all the given solutions (verifying steam cache, disabling firewall/AV softwa
  5. I was away for probably more than a year and just came back a couple weeks ago, that might have something to do with it. Though I think I misunderstood from chests to mean from cosmetics chests and not normal end of map chests, I see now the upgrades use materials that commonly drop from missions. Not sure how 10 of my shells were just consumed then, though.
  6. I still have a stack of shards, and I just evolved a pet a couple of days ago using them. None of the boxes list anything except cosmetics.
  7. Since the major update a couple weeks ago, I haven't gotten any pet shells from my rotted eggs. The egg disappears but I don't get a shell.
  8. I just got a new hero and as soon as they hit 50 they have access to all the APs on your account, so new ones won't be handicapped compared to the rest or anything.
  9. So far playing co-op has been a huge penalty outside of incursion maps with special rules like constantly despawning towers in power surge.
  10. For whatever reason, the vendors have better gear than you can get on your own, at least at the start of chaos 1. I can get legendaries with 1400 primary stats from harbinger hard, crap with 1200-1300 from the much harder chaos 1, and the vendors sell stuff with 1700-1800.
  11. Thanks, I looked in some old threads and found that it apparently requires support to fix something with your account, too.
  12. I get this message most of the time when I try to connect to a tavern or a match, and again after a match is done. I usually can't connect at all and when I do, I'm lucky if I get more than one match before getting kicked to login menu again. Posted a couple times and sent a ticket last week with still no response. What is the cause/fix for this? Also already tried verifying steam cache. Thanks
  13. I'm complaining because I still cannot connect to the server. I've been able to run a few maps since the original update, but 90 percent of the time I try to enter a tavern, or a match, or either after any map is complete, I get searching for session then session timed out.
  14. I have had this problem since the update several days ago. Either session timed out or tells me I tried to open a session too recently. I can get in about 10% of the time. Same thing happens at the end of a match, I get kicked to the login screen.
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