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  1. Also, did you know that giraffes don't do anything but gives stat boosts? Even if that is just an easy giraffe, putting 30 points into tower attack or something will make one of your characters have strong towers.
  2. Harder difficulties result in better pets, doing it on easy will of course not give you the best giraffe.
  3. I kind of think having dummies showing our dps was a bad thing to include into the game.
  4. Every game has a little farming, but this game seems to have too much, almost as much as any mmo has. I have well over 200 hours into the game yet I'm still spending more money than I'm gaining, probably because I have equipment spread out on 4 characters. There should honestly be a mana reward for completion of missions and challnges, instead of just from equipment. Currently farming glitter survival, which is pretty easy, gives more reward then pretty much all the challenges combined... yet not as fun.
  5. Probably because they technically have a base of 0 targets.
  6. 70 is the max you can put into any skill with your own points, they of course can go higher with equipment bonuses. I figure that when the level cap raises the amount of points you can invest will of course increase.
  7. The biggest issue with getting rid of character swap is that it will destroy single player. No game should have single player taken away unless its an MMO, which this clearly isn't. If anything, it'd make MORE sense for them to remove character swapping from online games and just scale back how hard the enemies become.
  8. Guess i read it wrong, yes +1 means 1 target, which is why it can affect 4 at the max of +4.
  9. I've collected a set of all 5 types of armor, and i like putting the "correct" types on the characters, such as plate on squire and leather on huntress.
  10. Also, it could even be an old picture of something that they've been working before the game was even released. Even if they just started working on it, I don't think making a FPS mode is too difficult, you just have to basically make a new camera position.
  11. Unless you build new auras every wave and upgrade them throughout the entire thing, auras are pretty much useless later on in pure strat because of no repairing.
  12. If anything ever does get done to character swapping, there is a middle ground that both sides would probably like. Basically, whichever character you are using during the combat wave will either get a bonus to their towers stats or won't suffer a penalty that the characters you aren't using will have. To put it simply, lets say you have all 4 characters at 100 for the 4 tower stats. If you place towers from all 4 characters, the character you are using during the combat phase will have a bonus applied to just his towers, such as a 10% increase in tower stats or something. If a bonus isn't a
  13. Balancing and nerfing and everything seems to be the most common topics on the forums, but one thing I don't think anyone knows is, what stats is everything balanced on? What i mean is, are we saying huntresses are OP because they have 200 in hero attack? 100? just the gun they use? Since this is an rpg where people can many different ways to customize their stats, isn't it a good idea to know if things are op because someone has high skills, or the base stats of something. When the level cap is raised and we have more points to spend, is everything going to be made weaker because our chara
  14. I think everyone likes it because of the word "Pristine" itself.
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