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  1. It can only be "slowed down" not stopped, also if this is on the same UDK engine then it will happen regardless. However "hopefully" you'll see less of it, but it will never be stopped
  2. I was playing that game as a pro for like literally one or two season matches before departing with my team. It's a fun game, but after so long you lose interest. Not to mention it's only fun to be played 5v5 pre-made against team of equal skill. Like when we took on and beat juice gaming (or whatever team they're called now) the match was pretty good. Anyway, I lost interest in it because majority of the time you're playing with the games match/que system and it gives too many bad matches to be worth it
  3. Haha, the game goes up to level 100? Haven't touched it in ages Surprisingly, my level 50 or 60 something mythical gear actually tops all of those stats minus some of your towers. Good to know my old grinding still kicks ***! But that's a pretty nutty pet, never even heard of a diamond, congrats!
  4. I think the moba part is going to be more casual, competitive is very hard to cater to and the word is used loosely now-a-days. There has been very few competitive games released in the last decade, across every genre
  5. I think Trendy hinted at having a plan beforehand on the loot progression of DD2. I don't know the exact source though... The job the vanilla version of DD had was actually fine, the only thing was once you had pretty much "perfect" items and did everything it was over, so more content had to be added for those type of players. But, the multiplier for random generated items was too high on a wave that they didn't get to in in-house testing, causing players to get these insane items, causing all the older items to lose value, and everyone to be too powerful for insane. Thus, nightmare was
  6. Truth be told i'm a bigger fan of the MOBA genre then DD1's co-op i know that sounds like a don't deserve a beta key cause i'm a moba Junky but well that's an overstatement but i love this games art style and well it has Moba in it and i want to play mobas a like every single moba and im so excited for this one but DD1 i knew from xbox i never actully had it but i played the demo alot it was the only thing i do on the xbox when i lost xbox live. so personally i'm looking forward to the Moba element but i agree with the rest of these guys keep the DD1 element and it help seperate this game fro
  7. I'm about to cut class tomorrow simply because it will be the best weather I've seen in months and I can't waste that many hours not enjoying it. I don't think cutting class in college is the best of ideas but it needs to be done sometimes ;p
  8. The super crazy loot was an accident, they listened to the community and changed the values to give off better loot on a level where their in-house testing never got past a certain wave, however when the community played it, they did, and the numbers of the items were so high that once they got out to everyone; there was no turning back and they had to continue adjusting the game to match these OP items everyone had. So in terms, it was their fault, but I doubt something like that will happen again. If you remember the stock game it was actually really good and quite balanced, I really enjo
  9. I felt the game went downward as soon as the "overstatted" items were accidentally introduced, after there the damage couldn't be undone and they had to continue developing past that. If that doesn't happen again the game was fairly well balanced and items felt like they had some real value I doubt we'll see something like that happen again though
  10. endure


    Hey, as thread title, please do not put an fps cap on the game (or have it capped high and allow users to downcap) As a lot of people now have 120hz monitors (and some have 144hz) and then others have higher hz on crt monitors (however I can't imagine that being many besides like an old school quake player) I'm assuming this game will be unreal like the first, so the busesmoothedframes will probably be default true, but allow us to change it to false w/out going through the .ini files bminsmoothedframes should be 60 bmaxsmoothed frames should be 200 That's about it, please do NOT
  11. Same issue here, also hey everyone! I'm back on the new forum. Hah
  12. Yes, I wrote about this earlier (Although you saying RTS means it would all be top view?) I'm interested
  13. You are ready if you want to do some building with that squire He won't do much action wise, low health, very low resists and won't output much damage So for a tower character that's fine
  14. Mine. :) http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/541798647274860547/8689734CDA945DD20BC5D869515610E2F5BA3F10/ Using an xbox360 joypad. :) On medium just to unlock the skin. Only prob was i should of picked the map in the campaign list so i had to do it all again lol. T@F from spuf, glad to see you took my advice and joined us at trendy forums ;)
  15. Yep, and if it's only healing +1 trap while draining the same amount of mana as a max heal, then that's also an issue!
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