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  1. Just wanna say one thing, about the star enemy, The Yeti. Good Job, you finally created an enemy that counter's my play-style. I've never had a true-er moments of frustration til I fought this monster.
  2.  After a cruel launch week, finally got to Chaos 7 and was able to see the new map. Really cool map and super excited to share this with you. Thank you so much TrendyEnt for making Dungeon Defenders 2, and hope to keep playing the game to come. Note: I didn't actually beat the map. Wanted to go for achievements first before I beat this map. After noticing the first waves, enemies it seems to me that its super easy, but that's just the first wave. Gotta tease the fan-base even more, may upload what the new weapon is as well, but I wanted to make this quick video first and get back to grinding the achievements out .
  3. Here are my submissions: Some taken with console commands some taken as I accidentally pressed the screenshot key. If I could only choose one to submit it would the first picture uploaded, as I can't stop laughing at what happened afterwards. "No, my friend is about to get eaten, HELP!" "The corruption will not sway her." "A friend of Isom's told me that The Eye of Cthulhu liked to eat kittens... I was wrong..." "When fire evolves into something horrifyingly beautiful." "Those moments when you just wanna give 'that guy' a black eye." "Catchphrase!"
  4. Just chiming in as well, my friend and I, also did not get a daily for today and yesterday.
  5. Bet some of you guys thought, I wouldn't post my runs, didn't ya... Well I wanted to wait and see if there would a stability patch for the Lavamancer and when Tuesday rolled over I knew I could to post it regardless. While I know of several of the Lavamancer Glitches, *Maw* *Cough* *Cough*, I tried my best to avoid using them. But its useless to avoid using them all without a few strains of hair lost. With the Oil Geyser's in particular. As for the rules of the challenge, I did ask Elandrian and Benny for more information and after a week of trying they finally cracked. Multiple Lavamancer's are allowed, I.E. multiple builders, and users, melee attacks are allowed, & no pet abilities allowed. At the very least, I have more time to try more maps, so without further ado my entry in the Herald of Embermount Challenge. I had fun doing this and hope Trendy does the more for the community. Even if they don't really explain the rules that well or at all... Note: I do not use the Dragonlich at all, she's mainly there to troll some people.
  6. Terminology can be a tricky thing, your title calls it a relic, and in your post you call it a medal. While we understood what you meant, its not safe to assume he was answering just for you. Peggy was just covering as many bases as possible with his answer. Others might have had a similar question, and to confirm with him, yes Demon's Lair only drops iPwr 700-750 Medallions. Not Totems or Rings.
  7. Finally completed the Elandrian Challenge Solo, this one was a hard challenge to complete. For those you don't know about it, Elandrian issued out a challenge to all of his viewers during his stream, saying that he would like to see someone complete the Buried Bastille with just the Gunwitch and no real defense. Walls were allowed, but only on Solo plays. The build I used did focus on hero critical chance and hero critical attack, so no hero boosts or popcorn machines were needed. This still was a hard run to complete as the time constricts did limit me. I do think the gloves are overpowered, but they are still in the game. When, and if, they get fixed I will try again and see if it is possible to No Defense Solo Buried Bastille again. Also sound was removed due to background copyright music with the recording, and I'll be honest with everyone, I did not expect this run to be the successful one, so I was amazed I won at all. Character build is shown at the end of the video for those who are wondering as well.  https://youtu.be/VLJ0qXMd_IU
  8. 'A' button is working now, but the pause and back buttons do not work anymore. Or I should say the "Ready Up/Cancel Matchmaking" Function does not work. The message "Press '[No Key]' To Ready" is displayed now. You can Keybind the pause and back buttons to other functions and work fine, but the "Ready Up/Cancel Matchmaking" and "Pause Menu" Functions do not work. Tried resetting to default, binding the "Ready Up" and "Pause Menu" functions to another key, but none of them work. Interactions with the War Table do not work, can't switch Match Type, Game Type, and Difficulty. Trying to press anything below those selections like picking a map will automatically hit "Find Match" and carry you to a map. In my case, a Random Private Free Play Hard Difficulty Map since those are my default selections. Those are the major issues I found the rest are minor bugs that i found when I was play testing the menu options with the new patch. On the collections tab, selecting challenges first with 'A' and then to titles, or any other tabs does not work. It will instead select the top option on the list of challenges 'miscellaneous'.Same with Info on the Character Tab, it will get stuck in the list of options, the workaround is to use the shoulder buttons on the controller.Talking with the NPCs and continuing their conversation with the 'A' button still does not work.Double-Tap 'A' while in a vendor over an item will have you buy the item you hovered over.Overall, I'm happy with the patch. Sure these bugs are in the game, but now I am able to play the game again with a controller and not shift through menus to switch between control schemes.
  9. Issues are still appearing even after the recent patch meant to address this problem. Same as before all of the issues I stated previously are still in the game. I use an Xbox 360 Wired Controller, and tested it with a wireless Xbox 360 Controller with no success. Hopefully this information helps. Thank you.
  10. Edit: 9:17 Central Standard Time 2/17/2015 Yeah the 'A' button is working again, but there is now a slew of new problems with the controllers. Not to worry though, can I still play the game with a controller and a little help from the keyboard. Thank you Edit: 6:15 Central Standard Time 2/10/2015 Just stating that the issues the controller had with the carnival patch were not fixed with this most recent patch. Thank you Original: The 'A' button on the controller does not let me access any menu options from the townsfolk in the Hero's Marketplace or the Private Tavern. Holding 'A' lets me talk to the townsfolk but not advance their speech bubbles to exit out of them. Can still place towers and traps with 'A', but can't inspect them with 'A'. Can no longer access the map selection screen, pick up items off the ground, or do any of the things I stated earlier with an Xbox 360 controller. Issues started with this most recent patch. Thank you
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