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  1. I'm starting to come to the conclusion that the F2P model is the root of every problem. Charge once for the game and be done with it. I enjoy the game but it will never live up to DD1 with these stupid limitations to keep the game "fair" for everyone. The hero deck could be removed if they gate hero slots with wyvern tokens or gold instead. Having to pay real money for additional slots just feels wrong. Costumes and other cosmetics make perfect sense, but gating heroes behind a paywall doesn't make sense because they are at the core of the game and shouldn't be treated as a nicety. Do you n
  2. I understand where they're coming from with splitting up passives... It makes new players able to get effective gear more quickly since they don't need that one perfect piece. But once again end game players are getting punished for the hard work they've already put in. Wouldn't it be better to cap the passives at some combined max level? So if 5% is max on a single piece, and there are 5 slots the passive can drop on, then 25% is the max total? That way if a current end game player has a single piece with 22%, they can't go over 25% by collecting the other 4 slots, but they also don't lose 17
  3. Also, your GPU most likely has more to do with it than your CPU. What did you have for a GPU in your desktop machine, and what do you have now in the laptop? I'm assuming some integrated graphics like Intel HD4400.
  4. Yeah, poorly optimized. Although I didnt expect to be able to run the game at full blast at 3200x1800 resolution. I actually have to change the resolution to something really crappy (below 1080p) with graphics settings set to low in order to run the game at all, and even then it's still pretty hit and miss. Thankfully 99% of the time I'm playing on my desktop so I don't need to worry about it.
  5. Instant kill every 15 seconds isn't that great when you don't have control over what's frozen. Perfect if it's a witherbeast, but I'd rather have something with better CC that I can use more effectively.
  6. Was just coming on to post stats. Like Shir mentioned, it sucks... I don't think ice smash/knockup capabilities make this pet ability much better either. Seeing 2,576 magical damage at 18,407 HD. 4 dummy radius.
  7. The ability description said something about spawning rock spikes below an enemy. If I remember correctly, it sounded like it was single target damage, but I can't confirm until I get on later.
  8. Creeper (Imphamy I think) with earth damage. Pretty sure it can roll on any pet with earth damage.
  9. I have a pet with Stalagmite. Haven't used it yet because I've been trying to get one with Sandstorm. I can do some investigation into this ability when I get home from work if nobody else has any information about it. I'd love to hear more info on stalagmite. Does anyone here have this pet ability, and if so, can you share how it works? It sounds like it would only roll on earth pets. Can anyone confirm this is the case? I checked our wiki, and it looks like it's missing a few pet abilities as well (including stalagmite).
  10. He's suggesting that it should work differently than it currently does. No I don't think so. I think it is just wave completion, no matter what difficulty. That was the case a while ago so don't quote me on that lol.
  11. I had the same problem a few weeks ago. Tried region changes without any luck. It ended up resolving itself a few days later.
  12. We should really have a sticky for these threads... There's a new one every other day it seems. Which maps have you tried to solo? What do you have for builders?
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