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  1. The people posting nonconstructive blabbers are the equivalent of the annoying retarded customers people have to deal with. That's what you people are. Deal with it.
  2. Rolling cannonball is aoe. It's just REALLY REALLLLLLLLY small. If they literally increase the aoe, it'd be usable along with the shock shell stun affecting the nearby units
  3. Like forreals. It's not too late to save yourself. Give Collectors edition players that bag expansion. Give 4 bag slots and 4 character slot for that new package and make it cost 10-15 bucks. WAYYY more reasonable.
  4. The collectors edition thats supposebly supposed to be removed from the market a few days ago. That's probably the only pack worth getting but im sure they just used that as a marketing scheme to make people pay the maximum amount of money for it then have a sale on it near cyber monday or something
  5. Lightning: When's the next major patch that will actually change the current meta builds.
  6. Here's my view on this game from an observer stand point. The majority of the playerbase can't get into nm4. ---- It isn't hard. The majority of the playerbase complains about stupid things like deck slots and inventory bags. ---- A simple addition of quantity would solve this but what do they want instead? more bags and hero deck removal when plans of adding slot bonuses on certain hero deck slots are in development or planning stage. The majority of the playerbase thinks anyone that doesn't agree with them is toxic. ----- Reality check, they're the only toxic one slowly destroying a good game. The way i see it, we have to accommodate the "majority" of the playerbase due to their learning disability. Because those players tend to be the one to throw money at things to get better or have an "edge" such as more inventory space. Check out the new pack for an example. EDIT: The point im trying to make is that WANTING a challenging game when the majority wants an easy game is stupid. Keep quiet and let them destroy the game. Nothing you can say or do will change it. A new game will come out eventually.
  7. How disappointing. I get noob quest cause im trying to level up my noob archer. best part is, i can't reroll it! AND i just bought the damn game. Jesus... whatever~ it's chill aint like i was gonna get that pet today anyways http://imgur.com/RHlrwFs
  8. Lightning: When do you plan on adding tooltips. EXAMPLE: Pet abilities, hero abilities/defenses and what they scale off of.
  9. I assumed this was obvious so i didn't need to point it out. But i guess it does needs to be pointed out. The fact that they're going to cater to the casual players is obviously going to help the game survive as well as put money in their pocket, money in their pocket = hardcore players get what they want and more development on the end game, because what other direction can you go when you polish the early stages and just let the later stages rot. I'm not an idiot, i know eventually all this will get sorted out. The fact that people bring this issue up 24/7 is ridiculous. You literally don't even suffer from hero deck issues until you're in nightmare as a solo player, but EVEN THEN you could still solo the game with pets. Literally something people miss out on. Pets have skills that are broken as hell along with the upgrade system that helps you move from nm3 to nm4, yeah sure, people aren't aware of this because truthfully, the game doesn't have many tooltips so its kind of hard to even implement those features that are already in the game to these peoples head. But idk, don't bother replying to this cause i'm done with this subject. It's a stupid subject that honestly doesn't even deserve the attention it's getting.
  10. I don't feel like this is a fair description of the casual player. Nobody "prides themselves" on being mediocre. It's purely about simply enjoying the game on their own time, they simply don't want to be chained down to a single game. That doesn't mean they relish in being not the best. You're right, it isn't fair. There are people who simply don't have the time to put into the game to learn it, they'd rather just play it, nothing wrong with that. Except those people also don't have the time to even bother suggesting something they know nothing about. The majority of the DD2 playerbase ARE casual players who just wants the game to appeal to them rather than play the game how it's meant to be played. I get it, it's a typical thing that occurs to every game right now. Everything's just dumbed down to the point where everyone can enjoy being overpowered as an individual rather than working hard in a group to achieve something hard. But it's just my own elitist personal opinion i guess~ Just hope the Trendy team has a mind of their own and doesn't let the majority of stupid overrule an entertaining challenging game.
  11. Know what would actually help people find the easter egg? If people posted things like this including details on what the HINTS WERE.
  12. I think the proper thing to do would just be to remove hero decks, although i agree we shouldnt, and allow us to use all of our characters in our character slots. Realistically, if i had the time to care about the "casual" players who pride them self on being mediocre, i'd make videos on how to solo nm4 incursions, but sadly, i don't care enough. I've given inputs and advice to noobs but they can't even press G to ready up or ping for group repairs. If anything, if i were to actually give out a real suggestion, it'd be to complain about the lack of ubers/tower scaling. Or you can simply just make item sets to avoid having all 4 characters focus onto 1 tower, as stated by OP. Then again, no body want's to use their brains anymore and just wants their hand held. I literally put 40 hours into this game, made it into nm4 with minimal brain usage and ***ty damage/walls. People just don't know how to properly build and thinks maxing their defense unit comes first.
  13. 500 gems? Count me in, that's like... 500 more gems than what i have.
  14. Description: No items drop when betsy is killed by canon (level 5) as seen on this picture, also, you're still able to attack betsy after she's dead. http://imgur.com/wjbcIBj
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