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  1. I can play the game, but it is super laggy. I'll check in again later.
  2. Don't forget a Samurai hero too, with high crit chance and/or crit damage.
  3. You aren't making any sense, but i'll help you anyways. After defeating Betsy, all you have left to do is reach Lvl 50.
  4. Not bugged, in my opinion. Lvl 33-36 gear in liferoot hard. Then I think endgame insane for lvl 43-46 gear.
  5. Nice theory but it still happens even when I get disconnected from the server, while I'm in private tavern.
  6. About upgrading equipment, if you get the not enough gold message, you will be stuck! and cannot press anything afterwards. This also happens if you try to remove an equipment already chosen to be sacrificed. Also from previous posts: can't freely allocate stats, can't skip alchemist mix animation.
  7. It works, you just need to re-equip it. I recommend you go straight to battle. I don't want to risk anything by switching pets (since I heard there was a glitch involving disappearing pets when switched) so I just go straight to battle.
  8. Lol I had the same problem too and I think someone already submitted a bug report about this. 100% positive you have to play solo and not splitscreen, then delete your characters. Check the costume shop to see if the huntress still shows up for your other characters.
  9. Yea, we'll have to wait for updates. I'm sure someone already gave the details in the bugs forums.
  10. Yep, this happens, but there are too many factors to determine what causes it.
  11. So I will get gems even if I already spent tokens?
  12. Sorry, but I don't think it could work. Since two player splitscreen has minor frame reduction during big battles.
  13. The mana behind enemy spawn barriers can't be reached. Enemies get stuck behind barriers, especially Betsy's stage, right lane. When upgrading, Player 1 shouldn't have to confirm player 2's upgrade. (This seems impossible but, it will be better if both players didn't have to wait for each other for shopping, upgrading, checking inventory etc.) Option to go to public or private tavern from the menu. More token rewards and more daily missions. Also, we should be able to equip a weapon/shield for its' looks and then one for its' stats.
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