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  1. I don't know why you mention the other classes, as i've stated i don't have any difficulties beating the map on it's own. Actually, i don't use squire towers at all and a mixture of monk auras and apprentice towers instead. The issue for me is the bossfight, which's really punishing for melee characters, but you obviously have to use them if you're looking for an animus/guardian, depending on the difficulty. Maybe we could get ballistas on the southern towers, or the dragon could stop shooting at the defenses like mad if he can't attack your character for whatever reasons. Like i said, the
  2. First things first, i have 4 level 70 characters, beaten all the levels on insane and a fair amount of challenges, i don't consider myself a noob. The Summit bossfight as of now though is horrible for everything but a huntress, especially on insane. I just wasted 25 minutes on this map again (mostly just waiting for spawns as per usual) only to have the dragon outright kill a couple of towers on the right side, continued by him moving to the southern towers, where he can't be hit by melee nor by a ballista (since there is none) and finally me losing the map while jumping around on the battl
  3. A decent insane Lab rapier will be just as good but cheaper. Well, bonecutter is cooler though, isn't it?
  4. 100% sure? No, but so far every challenge weapon i've seen has been capped at 27 or 29 upgrades (not including the halloween ones) so i think it's fair to say you got a really good one. Personally, i would go for it, cause at the end of the day you're not going to lose a map because your tower damage is 200 instead of 202.
  5. Ogre's Childhood Toy, you can get from Unlikely Allies on insane.
  6. Thanks for the input, and sorry Dan but it's not for sale. I was asking because all the Animii i got before have been utter crap, so it was hard to compare this one to a good one worth upgrading. I guess i go ahead and start using it.
  7. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198015248083/screenshot/648744446005681545?tab=public So despite the negative; would you? I'm kinda sick of The Summit by now :|
  8. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/411/derplk.jpg/ I just realised that i have no idea where steam is storing screenshots, so i had so upload it elsewhere. But there you go.
  9. Just got one, 170 base, 27 slots. I like it.
  10. Bonecutter is physical damage, isn't it? It'll never reach the same overall dps as any elemental weapon then.
  11. Are the survival reward pets static? I always thought it's completely random what you get in each level. Is there a list available to check them out?
  12. Once i got my huntress to 70 i picked up a decent rocket launcher from the tavern and thought i'd go ahead and start grinding assault. I've watched all the videos, i know what i'm supposed to do and the weapon i'm using should be good enough. However, i'm having some serious issues on this map. Every now and then it seems like the damage i'm doing is not registered at all, just a moment ago i stood right in front of the first encounter and could not hit anything. I was obviously shooting at the tower, my crosshair was red but i did 0 damage. I was using my wolfenstein at this time, so i re
  13. I'm having the same issue, i actually opened a topic about it, but i never played a custom game, nor did i set up some filters. Will a filter reset still do anything for me?
  14. I'm usually playing with a friend through steam, which worked fine on the very first day of playing Dungeon Defenders. After that though, i was no longer able to accept an invite to a game he was hosting (yes, both of us were in ranked mode). I would click on the usual steam join game invite and nothing's happening. No error message, no loading screen, just nothing. I found a "fix" in the forums, which had me verifying my game files via Steam, with the result of Steam downloading 3 missing and apparently rather small files. Back ingame, i could once again accept his invites; the moment the
  15. Biggest issue with all of these guides, they're mostly pre-nerf and not that viable anymore. You can still do it if you use a good highlvl character who can get some dps on the waves, but leveling a lowlevel guy is going to be pretty rough. With the changes to the harpoon pierce and the bowling ball, i'm mostly having trouble with the exploding kobolds who just shred my bouncers.
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