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  1. many ppl i have spoken to in last few days were talking ppl reverting there current patches back to patch 7.12b 1st idk if it possible if so fix plz.... I have asked around there was 1 guy who i talked knows how to do yet he refuses to make it public buts that good and fair, but exploiting bugs/glitched or editing protected files is a bannable offense in any other game, yet in this game u can hack mana/items..... nothing is done to prevent it....... FIX this 1st b4 releasing any new patches?????????????
  2. u guys move to fast with runnign around. if u position in 1 area mobs wont get stuck.... but if ur running around like crazy ur tryign to screw yourself over.
  3. easy fix was up loot tables of all content from campaign/challange and survival.. Campaign/challange say loot 20% below UMF tables survival 15% below UMF survival mix mode 10% below UMF and kept UMF the same. So the gap can be closed between all gamers but now, Only persons u screw with nerfing is the casual and less hardcore people.... So when nightmare hits the hardcore ppl will clear it and yet again the casual gamers are screwed... I have DD on moslty all the time for afk shop, yesterday when i got home i read forums and saw patch 7.12d while i was still b version. I coulda ha
  4. 25 waves or makign 200$... i have my own business i can sit at home at play DD or reply on forums and i make money since i got ppl working for me. so i do 25 waves and make money...
  5. i got like another 2bil worht in items in my shop and item box..... yet i cant not sell.....
  6. its called afk shop.... i was not present when ppl bought my items.......
  7. shops cap at 1bil.... i cant sell anymore REMOVE CAP!!!!!
  8. cuz i like to sell things and dont buy things.... thats why i NEED MORE MANA!!!
  9. i lost around 150m mana due to that cap items sells but doesnt increase my mana...... so i sold 2x 77 weapons for nothing pfffffff Remove that cap.... another wise it isnt a afk shopp
  10. i am lazy looking to afk while u lvl my powerlvl my character need a monk from 62-70 and huntress from 1-70 paying 20m if any1 is up for it steam drkxfactr
  11. at lvl 62 i have 6.2k dmg 76 monk weapon without gear its 180k with aura buff 340k with gear(but full resist set) 230k dps and with aura 500k almost
  12. u sell giraffs i give them away for free and there from insane aswell.... but yeah easy survival how was the super loot with 25 ups max :P
  13. yeah just so u morons that laugh at easy know, this is the giraffe i got, its not for trade http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197981907183/screenshot/631857853207072423 70 ups with great stats its far from great..... giraffs are worthless..... its all about the insane super loot from mix mode
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