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  1. yeah currently onslaught is mostly used to lvl ur pet since pet dont get exp (it seems) but affection lvls increase per waves cleared.
  2. Actually i would consider the monk one of the best classes currently and he is rly easy to equip. Because of his interactions with freeze towers he can outclass the apprentice in aoe damage but cant tank as good as the squire and nobody has as good single target damage as the Huntress. So overall i would say he isnt the best for any role but the best to do everything exceptional good at same time. And for NM4 serenity and for some maps AntiAir is extremly strong. Because of that he scales rly bad with everything as dps (hd/hcd/ap/hh) which means he is already good (better then anyone) with medium equip but even with high end gear you wont notice a huge difference. But that can be pretty much said for everyone except the Huntress. I hope dps builds will get better scaling when we see stronger versions of Endgame.
  3. they mentioned in devstream that its a bug they working on its not supposed to get the same stat twice on pet
  4. hmm for me the 25% works (there is an 20% ?) and the 10% works too.
  5. An event should have parts made for everyone (just like the game itself) but it should have endgame too. I mean just look at the outcry when they did not introduce nm4 maps in the first place for this event. (which are actually not part of the challenge because they want it to be achievable by a lot people). Maybe they should have made more then 1 title but i guess then beginners would complain about only be able to get 2/3.
  6. you forget that this is a multiplayer game and not made to be solo doable without better gear. And as you said you could have nm4 gear under 20 hrs (maybe) so why complain when you say its doable ? I Think its near to impossible to balance it out that do a map alone offers same difficulty as doing it with 4 so they should focus on the balance of the teamplay which will always result in an unbalanced solo version. And currently its too easy for 4people because they wanna make most of the game doable even solo but most is not all. And yeah there is the point which will decide if it will be a casual game or offers endgame. We will see which way they will go ;) As comparison i would mention games like WOW which offered an awesome endgame experience when it started and then it got too easy because they "balanced" it for casuals. I hope DD2 does it vice versa but that is just my opinion, but at the end of the day there will always be a group who dislike how it is.
  7. I get what you want but currently endgame is barely doable solo with 4 heroes and i would say the game was/will never be designed to be doable solo with one Hero. Thats why every Hero has pros and cons and with more Heroes i doubt that will change. Its not a solo game like "orc must die" rather a multiplayer game.
  8. you have 4 hero slots. use them and resistances arent your problem.
  9. alot of squires have a tank build (when they not build the walls) which is rly effective. NM4 get alot PhysicalResistance and you taunt a 12 bomber group use ur shildblock and laugh ;) NM4 Gatefall is mostly hard because of that bomber groups. Equip a squire with tanky items will help alot to switch from nm3 to nm4
  10. if you build with ur "WallSquire" and then switch to your "TankSquire" only passives from your "WS" affects the structures i mean if you switch from squire to app your walls still have same Health
  11. have totally to disagree with borg since i did the title solo without effort (without using dps). So it should be easy doable (if you have not started 3 days before) with a 4man group. Mate of me has under 40hours playtime and he has the title. It feels kinda useless to invest time into that title if everyone get it that easy. Would love more things not made for casuals although i get it that they are the primary target group. I rly like the new nm4 spooky version because it offers some endgame and was enjoyable to farm.
  12. Apprentice UBER : Focus target : If only 1 Target is marked your Arcane Volley Hits that Target with all five homing bolts (more if you have arcanist stacks higher?!) Helpfull Frosty : your Frosty Power increases now HeroDamage on near Heroes for 20% of what it buffs Defenses with DefensePower. Squire UBER : Hit me hard: if the Squire gets 15k Damage in under 3seconds he shilds himself with 50% of HeroHealth for 10seconds Monk UBER : Let me hit you: Your AP increase by 1% for 10sec after you hit an enemy with your primary attack. stackable 15 times Huntress UBER : Elemental Arrows : You do Magic Damage instead of Physical with your attacks
  13. Although i still dislike that the challenges are too easy that too many get the title i have to admit you guys did awesome job with the new NM4 maps they have good difficulty for lategame. Would love to see more of such maps.
  14. Problem is people bring ONLY dps to nm4 .. but everyone need to have a builder too because if one needs to build everything then he cant use usefull hero himself during waves ... people with only 1 lvl 50 hero should not be allowed to go random nm4 ! I just cant join random groups these days ... whatever dps i use means that this class misses in builds ... i cant build 100% alone so get at least one builder good equiped in nm3 where you can let one build and easily fight with same hero.
  15. dp/dh/hh range range range and yeah we are all waiting for more spheres although builder have good variety except uber spheres
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